How To Get Beach Wave Curls

The beach wave curls are all the rage and I am jumping right in with the trend this summer. First, I attempted to get the look with a regular curling iron and quickly realized that the key to this style lies in the tool.

Just to give you an idea, this is what I started with. The night before I slept on my hair wet and woke up to this hot mess. No worries, we can still complete the look with a few important items!


What you will need:

Before we get started with the tutorial, I wanted to share my favorite curling iron turned wand. The Lunata Curling Wand doubles as a curling iron when the clip is attached, or as a styling wand when the clip is removed. I love that it has 4 settings so that my thin hair doesn’t get fried, it is cordless, and comes with a glove so that you don’t burn your hand!

Step 1: Wand and Tease

The key to beach wave curls is to not only wand by separating your hair in sections and wrapping it from the root first, down to the ends around your styling wand, but you need to tease for a fuller look. I section out my hair and tease at the roots to lift.

Then, I wrap my hair around my wand in the direction that is away from my face. I repeat this step until my entire head is wanded with beach wave curls.

Step 2: Spray for Hold

Before brushing them out, use a strong or mild hold hairspray, whichever works best in your hair, spritze your waves.

Step 3: Salt and Crunch

Run your fingers through your beach waves to break up the sections for a more natural look. Now, you wouldn’t have beach wave curls without a little salt in the strands. Using your favorite salt or sugar spray for the hair, lightly spritz throughout and then crunch your waves up from the bottom to the scalp. This adds body and even more volume.

There you have it! These beach wave curls are super easy and quick! Now you don’t need a beach nearby to rock the mermaid look!

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