Best Bras for Mom Boobs

 Yes I am being frank but why sugar coat it? Kids bring joy and fulfillment to our lives, but they also bring the “mom boobs.” It’s like the fluffy, youthful denseness to the breasts just dissipated. Some of us are left with droopy socks, some with pancakes that like to ooze from our underarms, and a very small percentage get better breasts…I HATE YOU…haha Just kidding 😉

While this ost has been sponsored by UPBRA, all reviews and writings are my own.

So you all probably know my demise as I know too much about the pancakes! Many would say, “You know you can just get those fixed.” and believe me, it is on my list of things to do, however …don’t tell my husband, I am not totally sold on a family of four if you know what I mean! Seriously, do not tell him because he is quick to say we are finished and I don;t want anyone to remind him that he needs to schedule that vasectomy! Ok, TMI? Back to the REAL reason for this post. I have discovered the perfect bra to fix whatever mom boob you may have been gifted, even if you were truly gifted with better breasts!

I give you, the UPBRA! There are so many great features to this bra. The cleavage control straps are the main activator for the UPBRA Uplift Technology! These straps allow you to be able to control your cleavage so that you can wear it more conservatively at work and literally pump them up for a sexy night out.

The criss crossed straps in the cleavage area allow you to lock in your look for no slippage and the extra grip support (the hearts in the cups) prevent spillage.

In the picture above, I am wearing a basic tee shirt bra. While it is comfortable, it does nothing for my shape. Actually I have NO shape at all. Whomp Whomp!

Fastforward to this picture above. I am wearing the UPLIFT bra and there is a noticeable difference. Instant shape while remaining comfortable! Yes, I have revealed that I am “false advertising” but hey…every woman deserves to feel like a woman, especially if they are mommies!
If you are interested in the Uplift Technology of the UPBRA, you can CLICK HERE to shop their styles and for those of you who want more information, there are TONS of great videos on their site HERE


Also, check out their sister site Tan Through for staying tan with no more tan lines!

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