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These days you can have more than just your groceries and commodities delivered to your door step, The Farmer’s Dog is bringing dog food  directly to you, and the best part, it is customized to your dog’s needs and delivered on dryice to ensure freshness!

We shouldn’t be the only ones eating healthy, your pup deserves a balanced, freshly made meal and The Farmer’s Dog has just the product! With simple recipes, guided by science, and driven by love, this smarter dog food makes feeding times seemless for you and healthier for your animal.


In order to serve up Harley’s food fresh, I went to and began filling out a little information on him. You just need to know simple things such as breed, weight, your pup’s taste prefrence, and your dog’s current body shape. Harley was slightly rounded which indicates that he will need to intake fewer calories to get back on track.


In about 7 days time, I received 2 weeks worth of meals for Harley. The freshly made recipes arrived on dry ice so that they would remain frozen, and were divided into easy serve bags with special instructions. Harley received Pork, Beef, and Turkey meals, all of which he prefers. I think it is super cool that all of these recipes have been tested on humans! Each pack contains human-grade USDA ingredients which means less processing, natural nutrients, and higher safety standards. Things I believe every pet should enjoy.


The easy, ready-to-serve meals are pre-made and pre-portioned. All I need to do is just open and pour. The instructions explain that each bag contains two days worth of food and that Harley should recieve 1/4 of the bag morning and night if fed twice a day, or 1/2 of the bag during feeding time if fed once per day. I lik that there is a date on the bag indicating when the recipe was made.

farmers dog 2

Every time I serve up Harley’s breakfast and dinner he sits very impatiently with a watering mouth for me to motion that he can eat. He literally slurps up the entire meal in less than one minute and seems to stay full until his next feeding. His old dry food would take twice the amount to keep him satisfied but The farmer’s Dog recipes not only limit the intake but contain hearty healthy ingredients that fullfill the gut!


Want to get your pup on the fast track to a healthier lifestyle? Visit The Farmer’s Dog and enjoy 20% off your first purchase today!

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