Best Organic Baby Body Products

Did you know that our baby’s skin care in the United States is widely unregulated? Because of this fact, we, as parents, should be completely aware of the products that we are applying to our child’s largest organ, the skin.

Yes, the skin IS actually our largest organ and its main job is to protect our tender insides from damage. Could you imagine what we would look like if none of us had skin? I don;t think I want to. With this being said, our skin has the ability to soak up factors from our environment, such as sunlight and to also take in the products that we apply to it.


Babies have very new, sensitive skin protecting their growing organs which calls for products that nourish without soaking in harmful ingredients. made of baby products have dedicated their business practices and products to reflect just that, truly harmless, at least 70% organic (to the NSF Organic standards), plant derived formulas.


I love made of’s mission “To provide new parents with simple, organic-first and safe everyday baby products, while creating consistent shopping experience without exploiting their pockets and time.” All of their products are made without GMO’s, SLS, Phthalates, Parabens, Sulfates, synthetic fragrances, dyes, pesticides, BPA, chlorine and much more. Whoa… did you know that these things can be found in the products you are currently putting on your babes? I had no idea!


Some of the products we love include:

  • The Foaming Hand Soap – My oldest (4 YO) is at that age where he is using the potty alone. If you all have potty trained, you know what I am going to say. It is hard enough getting them to potty, let alone wash their hands. My son loves that this hand soap foams which makes it a fun process for him. He doesn;t seem to forget to wash his hands much anymore. The Funny thing is, his little brother watches him and has begun to demand the soap as well!
  • The Baby Shampoo and Body Wash – This also foams and comes in a pump style packaging which makes it very easy not to over pour and waste product. It smells fresh and my son loves playing with the foam!
  • Body Lotion – Their Baby Lotion is non-greasy, absorbs fast, and is made from soothing aloe vera and organic oats. The all natural argan and avocado oil provide that lipid barrier of protection to prevent chafing and irritation in baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Baby SPF 30 – This SPF has no nano zinc oxide as the core ingredient in this sunblock, you are providing your baby’s skin with a physical block against UVA/UVB rays. Our The SPF 30 Broad Spectrum lotion contains no harsh chemicals and it’s plant-based ingredients are fast at nourishing and protecting. Organic oils, like argan and coconut, round out this formula for a safer and water-resistant time in the sun. I love that it leaves zero greasy residue on your baby’s skin. You will need to reapply often especially after water exposure.


What a healthier bath and body option for baby? Swap your products over to Made Of and you can rest assured too!

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