Best Spring Fashion Addition for Toddler Boys

It is pretty hard when it comes to boys fashion. Mom of boys, are you with me? I always see oodles of super cute fashion pieces for girls but when it comes to boys, I struggle majorly. One piece that always gets an “awww” is Jack’s fishing vest.


I love how Jack’s Koala Kids fishing jacket instantly ads fashion to any outfit. He wears it in the summer with his swimming trunks, it easily spruces up any t-shirt, and also gives added class to his button ups. He seems to really enjoy it as well because it has lots of pockets and his new thing is to put things in his pockets…rocks, small superheros, candy he has snuck…you name it he’s stashing it in this vest as it is riddled with pockets! Sensory overload!


Jack spotted something in the snow. Oh, just a Cheerio from one of his vest pockets!
I have found several really cute vests so you can get the look for your little superhero. Just click your favorite below:

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