Best Vitamin Pack & Multivitamins for Women

I am not a body builder or gym rat, although I wish I was both, but one thing I am for sure is a pill popper. OK, that came out wrong. What I meant by that is I am a daily supplement taker. I believe in supplements! Not only do they make me feel noticeably more energized, I can tell that my body is being nourished. I used to take the GNC daily vita-paks for women until I stumbled upon Care/Of. In this post I am going to blow your mind by introducing you to what I believe is the most innovative supplement company in the market making daily multivitamins for women more intentional and more personable.


First thing’s first…

Should Women Take a Vitamin Pack or Women’s Multivitamin?

The simple answer is YES! As we get older it is easier for our body to become depleted in vitamins. Multivitamins or vitamin packs help to fight against deficiency and to insure that your body has the proper building blocks needed for optimal health. As we get older, change our diets, become pregnant, or experience other life changes, our supplement needs change as well. While a multivitamin is very nutritious, I believe that a vitamin pack is more ideal since each of our needs are different. With Care/Of, you can create the perfect vitamin cocktail to meet your specific health needs and to keep you healthier long term.


The Best Multivitamins for Women’s Health

Hands down, Care/Of is the best multivitamin pack. Why? Because it is completely catered to you and is totally backed by science! On the CareOf website, you can take their quiz that helps you to pinpoint your specific supplemental needs such as; sleep, diet, stress, energy, skincare, and so much more. Care/Of will then create the perfect daily vitamin cocktail pack, personalized with your name, a daily question or quote, and a guide that helps you to understand what is in your pack. Then it is delivered to your front door. Should your health needs and concerns change month to month, just retake the quiz and alter your pack a bit. You can also learn more about your vitamins and other health recommendations by downloading the Care/Of app!


“We promise to be honest with you. That means we’ll show you the research and be transparent about how established it is. We don’t pretend all supplements have equal levels of scientific evidence or traditional history — because that isn’t the truth. But we will always show our work and tailor our guidance to you as an individual.” – Care/Of

“Our research and development team has traveled the globe so we can provide the most effective, bioavailable, and sustainable ingredients possible. We’re transparent about our supply chain, because we build products we want to take. And then we deliver them straight to your door.” – Care/Of

Care/of is not just innovative in their vitamin pack, they also make whey and plant powders, powder boosts to be added into your favorite protein drink, and quick sticks for on the go targeted solutions.

Want to take the Care/of quiz today and get started on the road to a healthier you?

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