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As a woman with very fine, straight hair, I have always struggled with creating volume and fullness in my crown. Of course there are products out there for helping boost the roots, but I alwayhs find that in the end the products make my scalp oily due to build up, our that the products actually create more weight in my stands which makes curling almost impossible! I am officially happy to report that all of those issues are a thing of the past. In this post, I am sharing the most effective volumizing hair tools for my hair and how to get the perfect blow-out!

Why Choose NuMe?

Unlike many hair accessory and product brands, NuMe was created by a consumer, just like you and me, who was desperate for products that worked! Sabrina Maren of Schwetzingen, Germany spent endless hours battling unruly, frizzy, and damaged hair. She always thought to herself: “There has to be a better way. Daily hairstyling should be easy.”

This curiosity sparked an idea within Sabrina to start her own hair care brand and NuMe was born! For over a decade, Sabrina has been on the forefront of heat styling advancements. Recognized as the 2017 Brand of the Year by the Hollywood Beauty Awards, NuMe proudly serves over 2 million happy customers in 52 countries and growing.

Recently, I tried out several volumizing products and accessories from the NuMe product line and I was amazed at the results! From aerosol volumizing sprays, and specialty brushes, to a streamlined blow dryer and multi barrel curling tool, NuMe has it all!

Is Mousse or Spray Better for Hair Volume?

As a person with fine hair, this has been the age old question. I have tried root boosting mousse and also volumizing root sprays. In my experience, volumizing mousse works to create a gritty texture for volume at the roots but tends to build up a weight to my hair shaft that is not ideal for curling. The aerosol root sprays I have tried in the past are to be applied after you blow dry your hair and tend to leave my roots oily after a few hours.

I have never tried an aerosol root spray that is lightweight, can be applied to wet hair, and does not promote oily roots, until I tried the NuMe Root Werk spray. Packed with proteins, Root Werk will bulk up your hair and add strength without weighing it down for instant volume and lift. Root Werk also contains pure Algae Extract which helps nourish each strand of hair from the inside out with essential vitamins and minerals. Say goodbye to dull boring hair styles and hello to sleek and shiny looks that will have you feeling like you just stepped out of the salon every time.

Of all the volumizing root products I have tried, the NuMe Root Work spray is above all, the very best! After getting out of the shower, while your hair is still wet, section off your hair and apply the Root Werk spray directly to your roots. Allow that product to set a few minutes before blowing out your hair.

Best Detangling Brush for Wet Hair

Speaking of wet hair, do you struggle with excessive tangles? I know I do. My fine strands are always a tangled mess, especially after a good wash, therefore I am very picky about the brushes I invest in. After reading the reviews for the NuMe Easy Hair Brush, I decided to give it a try. I have no clue how the tangles seem to fall in place with one swipe of the NuMe Easy Hair Brush, but they do! No more fighting through my wet tangled mess after a shower. The NuMe Easy Brush gently works through tangles for pain-free brushing!

Does the Quality of a Hair Dryer make a Difference?

I have to admit, I have always done my research when it comes to face products and their ingredients. Hair, on the other hand, I am a novice at best. As I have reached my mid-30’s and have noticed hair breakage and thinning, I am beginning to take the time to do my research. Recently I read that the quality of a blow dryer makes an incredible difference when it comes to hair health and longevity. Quality blow-drys have heat control and settings that will allow them to dry your hair faster, which minimizes the amount of damaging heat to your hair.

The proprietary combinations of materials, heating elements, and internal components, in the NuMe Signature Hair Dryer delivers fast results & consistent distribution of heat. I can totally tell a difference in the texture of my hair after using the NuMe Signature hair Dryer as my hair is much softer than when using my lower grade brand. Investing in a quality hair dryer is a must for long term hair health!

How to Use a Round Brush to Achieve the Blowout of your Dreams

The key to lasting volume for fine hair, is to take your time prepping it after a shower. I try to only wash my hair every three days but in order for this to work, I have to make sure I use the correct product and procedure to lift my roots, banish the oil, and keep the volume for days. I have learned that a round brush blow-out takes my hair the distance. But like many things with hair, there is an art to the perfect blowout as well!

The key is in the round brush, but not any ole’ round brush will do, you need one that will condition your hair and seal in moisture while you heat. I love the NuMe Ionic Round Brush because it does both of these things and more. The NuMe Ionic Round brush has a progressive ceramic coating which transitions from black to white when strands are fully heated, letting you know you’re ready to style. Also, the ceramic materials on this blow dryer brush release negative ions to condition hair and seal in moisture. I love how the lightweight, soft touch handle makes blowouts comfortable and antimicrobial properties safeguard my hair and brush from bacteria.

  1. After I wash and prep my roots with NuMe Root Werk, I use a clip to secure my hair on top of my head, allowing only a small row of hair to remain loose at the bottom.
  2. Then, starting at the root, I place my round brush underneath a section of hair and begin to dry slowly working my brush from the base of the root down to the end of my hair, curling as I go.
  3. With each section, I switch up my angles to help with volume.
  4. No matter how you’re moving the brush, always keep the nozzle of the blow-dryer parallel and angled downward so you’re evenly dispersing the heat across the section of hair and not frizzing it up.

When you are done blowing out your hair, you can then add curl for extra volume.

Are Automatic Curling Wands Worth It?

YES! Main reason, a huge reduction in time and the perfect, bouncy curls. I have also found that I can curl closer to my root when I use an automatic curling wand. The NuMe Automatic Curling Wand will give you the perfect curls at the push of a button! Of course, investing in a professional hair wand pays off as well. NuMe’s proprietary Far Infrared Heat & Negative Ion Conditioning Technologies help seal my cuticle, reduce frizz, and increase shine.

Thoughtfully designed for those who are busy with life but still desire to have nice hair, this auto-rotating curling iron features 3 interchangeable tourmaline ceramic barrels, allowing you enjoy the endless styling possibilities at home instead of hairdressing salon, saving you both money and precious time!

With the automatic curling wand, I cut my styling time in half. I also like that I can change the heat settings to meet my hair’s requirements.

The best part, this style lasts for days! Want to share these amazing products and how-to with your friends and family? Pin the pinnable image below to you favorite hair Pinterest board.

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