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Bumble App for Married Folks?

So dating is not new to the technology world but what about BFF’ing? That’s right! If you are a super busy lady with a huge lack in social life or just a new gal in town looking for some friends, there’s an app for that!

That’s right! Bumble has now expanded into the world of social friendships! Need a workout buddy, wing-woman, partner in crime, or want to start a local group of like minded ladies, join the BeeHive and swipe right!

One of my gal pals hosted a great Kacie Cooper Floral Design flower crown party at her place of business, The Whimsy Cookie Company, featuring the Bumble BFF app. I had so much fun catching up with familiar faces and meeting some great new ladies in my hometown!


(BEWARE: These are Whimsy Cookies…YOU CANNOT JUST HAVE ONE! YUM!!!)



We learned all about the Bumble app and got to see first hand how it can bring a group of ladies and a fun time all together!





Want to learn more about the new app and seek out a new group of socialites? Click here to be taken to the BeeHive!




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