Camping Gear: 5 Essentials For Your Next Trip

So, it’s time to plan your first camping trip! Exciting, right? But… there’s one problem… you have no idea what you need to survive out there in the woods! If you’ve been camping before, you’ve probably learned what you need and what you don’t. The difference between a camping trip and a vacation is that you really don’t want to overpack because you just get stuck carrying everything with you the entire time. Luckily, we’ve been on enough camping trips to know what’s essential and what can be left behind. Keep scrolling for the top 5 essentials I’d personally recommend you taking with you on your next camping adventure.


This one goes without saying (I hope). Well, you know you need a tent, but how do you know which kind or which one to bring along? This really depends on how many people will be sleeping with you. There are tents that go all the way up to 8 people and tons of different price points! Since the tent is going to be your main source of shelter on the trip, I’d say splurge on one that has the best reviews!

This one by COLEMAN comes in lots of different sizes, colors, and prices and has 4.5 stars!


This might be one you didn’t put on your list, but you definitely want to make sure you add it! Whether you’re trying to find something in your tent at night, going on a hike, or even a roadtrip, a headlamp is a critical camping accessory you really need to bring along. They come in handy when you least expect it.

This 2-pack has the best reviews and is under $20 for both!


This one’s a no-brainer and one you DEFINITELY don’t want to forget! Not only will it keep you warm during the colder camping months, it’s also going to give you a bit of padding and cushioning when you’re laying on the hard surface of the woods or campgrounds. It will also protect you from bugs that might be flying or crawling around your tent… which reminds me – don’t forget your bug spray either!

I think I’m going to get myself one of these top-rated sleeping bags to try from Amazon! They look great and are super affordable


You will thank me later for this! I know it’s super fun to cook your food over a campfire (and that’s the LEGIT way to go), but a portable grill will be a lifesaver if you ever have problems with your fire.

This one is by Cuisinart and is a gourmet portable tabletop propane gas grill PERFECT for camp trips.


This one is my personal FAVE and one I believe comes in handy above all else. A portable neck fan is a dream come true when you’re camping during the warmer / hot months of the year. It’s a rechargeable, wireless fan that goes around your neck, is lightweight, and bladeless. I use this when I’m camping and when I’m not camping… it’s basically a must-have you need now.

This is the neck fan I recommend!

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