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    My Experience with Lip Injections

    The older I get the thinner my upper lip seems to become. I have also noticed these annoying vertical lines that draw directly down into my pout. Of course, it is…

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    How to Tighten Loose Skin

    Of course we can do crunches and sit-ups, but after kids, sometimes exercise will whittle the waistline but it does nothing for sagging skin. Since birthing 2 babies, I have been…

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    Best Beauty Treatments of 2019

    After going through a divorce, selling my home and business, and making some pretty major life changes, I decided to focus on a little self love. I began practicing mindfulness and…

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    Longer Fuller Natural Lashes

    Thank you to Rory for sponsoring this blog post. All experiences and opinions are my own. I have been using lash extensions for a longer fuller lashes look but decided to…