5 Elf On The Shelf Ideas

ELF ON THE SHELF is making his appearance once again, and if you’ve done this more than once, you might be struggling for new, creative ideas. Today I’m sharing 5 creative elf on the shelf ideas to keep the kiddos on their toes this holiday season!

Before I dive in, may I suggest the Elf on a Shelf Idea kit? The first year that our elf visited, there were several items from this kit that he brought along!


If your kids have lots of toy cars and trucks laying around or stored away in the playroom, this one is so fun! Create a simple drive-in movie with the elves sitting on top of the toy trucks in front of an iPad with a holiday movie your kids love! If you’re feeling even more creative, add some movie snacks like popcorn or mini chocolate M&Ms for the complete drive-in experience.

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I love the idea of promoting outdoor activities through elf on the shelf! This year more than ever, it’s important for your kiddos to get outside as much as possible, even if it’s a mini camping trip in the backyard! This one is super easy, but one you probably haven’t used before… camping elf on the shelf! Create some kind of sleeping bag for the elf and use the kids’ iPads as his tent. Cute, huh?

Photo: Glerumphotography.com


Nothing says 2020 more than a quarantined elf telling the kids to wash up! Do you have a mini emergency kit from a doll house or a play set? The elf is going to be acting like a nurse or a doctor, so anything you have that is health related, grab it and use it! Add a small sign next to the bathroom sink telling the kiddos to stay healthy, wash their hands, and wear a mask. Don’t forget to mask up your elf!

Photo: MamaCheaps.com


This has to be one of my favorites – the golfing elf! Grab your candy canes and your mints (or any small white candy you have on hand), it’s time to tee off. You can use a simple piece of green construction paper for your golfing green, a candy cane for the golf club, and a piece of white candy for the golf ball! Such an easy ones and the kids will love it!

elf on the shelf golf
Photo: ElfontheShelf.com


Last but not least, the sledding elf! Stack a few white bath towels next to the sink and place your elves on the slopes! If you have leftover fake snow from Christmas decor, sprinkle it around the bathroom sink to make it look even more real. You can use pretty much anything as a sled or a tube, including the round part of a scotch tape roll, a small tupperware bowl, or any small round household object you can find. Happy sledding!

elf on the shelf sledding
Photo: ElfontheShelf.com

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