Decoupage Oyster Crafts

One of the most popular blog posts here on City Chic Living are the ones where I share my decoupage crafts. In this post, I am sharing how I decoupage oysters using beautiful, decorated napkins.

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What is Decoupage?

Decoupage sounds like a super fancy word, and yet it really is. It is a fancy french way for saying “to cut something” or ”to cut from something else.” So basically, it means to cut out pictures or items and glue them to another surface using Mod Podge.

So let’s get started…

What You Will Need:
(I have linked my favorite spots for gathering supplies)

Mod Podge
Decorative Napkins
White Acrylic Paint
Gilding Paint
Paint Brushes

The key to this project is the napkins. I have used paper for decoupaging oysters before but they never turn out as pretty because the paper is too thick. I found a lot of beautiful napkin designs on etsy.

First you will need to paint the inside of your oyster shell white. This ensures that any natural discoloration from the inside of the shell will not show through the napkin.

Now, you will begin to cut your napkins to fit the inside of your oyster shell. There is no real science to this part. I usually just hold the napkin up to my oyster shell and cut an oval shape from the napkin, large enough to fit snuggly inside of the oyster shell.

Once the paint dries, you will begin adhering your napkin to the inside of the shell. With a brush, paint the inside of your shell with mod podge.

Let the oyster sit for 2 hours, or enough time to allow the mod podge to dry. Once, dry, tear any part of the napkin that is over hanging your oyster shell.

Next, you will apply another layer of mod podge overtop of the napkin to prevent tearing and to give your oyster a glossy finish.

Last, you will apply gilding paint to the edges of your oyster.

And there you have it! A beautiful decoupaged oyster!

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