Design Tips for Your Café Outdoor Seating Space

With the weather finally cooperating and summer right around the corner, your café or restaurant has the perfect opportunity to create an outdoor dining area. During the warmer months, this can be a customer magnet because a lot of people appreciate the serenity and experience of dining outdoors. Make your café outdoor seating space perfect for customers with our design tips.

Find the Perfect Furniture

Comfortable furniture encourages customers to sit outside during their dining experience. We recommend choosing waterproof and stackable furniture so it’s easy to move and varying weather conditions don’t damage it.

Ensure Weather Protection and Shade

Nature can be unpredictable; not every day will be clear skies and sunny. Having shade is crucial on really hot or sunny days because nobody will want to sit outside under direct sunlight when it’s above 80 degrees. Similarly, if it’s raining, you should offer some weather protection to keep customers dry. Consider installing awnings, canopies, or individual table umbrellas.

Add Decor and Greenery

Just because this seating area is outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t involve decoration. Decor is what will take this space to a whole new level. The best type of decor is usually greenery because you’re already surrounded by nature. However, you can amplify the design and greenery with vibrant planter pots, tablecloths, water fountains, and more. Also, if your café’s interior has a theme, consider implementing this theme into your outdoor area to create continuity.

Be Mindful of Lighting

There are many benefits of outdoor lighting for your small business. With the proper lighting, you can enhance your customer’s dining experience. Play around with different types of lighting to find the right ambiance for your café. For example, you could create a romantic vibe with hanging lanterns or a rustic vibe with a string of light bulbs.

Consider Outdoor Heaters

Depending on your location, you might need to take advantage of outdoor heaters. Once the sun goes down, it can cool off a lot—even in the summer. Placing outdoor heaters throughout your seating area will keep customers warm when the temperatures drop. Remember to keep safety in mind when purchasing and placing these heaters outside; don’t place them too close to cloth or other flammable substances.

There is a lot to consider when designing the perfect outdoor seating space for your café. Keep the entire theme of your business and how you can attract potential customers in mind. Remember, you can always alter or redesign some elements in the future. How will you design your outdoor seating area?

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