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Want to experience the Elvis birthday celebration at the Elvis Presley house? Each year Graceland puts on an extravagant birthday week for the king in which fans from all over the world come to pay tribute. As a Memphian, I grew up with Elvis being a household name, taking field trips to Graceland in elementary school and telling tourists all about the king when working in a popular downtown restaurant in college, but I have never actually experienced Elvis as an adult … until this year!


This year on Elvis birthday, Jan 8th, I checked in to The Guesthouse at Graceland Hotel and got the pleasure of experiencing Graceland in full swing! The hotel was decorated with images and memorabilia from the king and the rooms were fit for a modern day rockstar. I genuinely felt like I had stepped into celebrity status during my stay at The Guesthouse at Graceland.


Jen and I started our Elvis experience with a live auction in the hotel theatre. Authentic photos of Elvis, jewelry of the king, gifts that Elvis had gifted, and other memorabilia was being auctioned to the highest bidder. It was so interesting to watch the bids go up, up, up making it apparent that Elvis’ legend truly transcends generations. After the auction, we boarded the complementary shuttle and headed across the street to step back in to time, immersing ourselves in all things Elvis!


Our journey began in the gift shop where a huge Elvis wallpaper photo caught our eye. We popped in for a photo but of course Jen had to purchase some Elvis’ sunglasses to match her Memphis blue, tiger striped, Elvis inspired jumpsuit! I decided to dress back to the decade as well in a Jackie O’ Pricilla mixed inspired garb. We were super flattered to be stopped by tourists for photo ops. which validated our successful commitment to the experience!


After getting our Elvis keepsakes, we headed on over to one of the many food stops on campus, Gladys diner. They have a full classic American cuisine, including burgers, hot dogs and pizza, plus Elvis’ favorite Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches! There was an Elvis car replica were patrons can choose to dine in right in the middle of the restaurant!


After hanging out at Gladys Diner we journeyed on over to a few of the many museums. Elvis’ car collection is AMAZING! I saw several that I would like to collect when I grow up. Of course ,we had to stop for another photo op.

IMG_1819I see you Elvis! – xoxo

The coolest thing ever was when we had the opportunity to get ourselves superimposed into an actual Elvis photo. This is the ultimate keepsake for any visitor coming to Graceland, a must have for your “Things to Do” checklist.

Jen was ready to take on Elvis for “stealing” her style. 

After the museums we headed on over to our room to change into our party wear for the Birthday Bash and Evening tour of Graceland. Greg met up with us after work to join!


Before the tour we enjoyed dinner and danced the night away at Elvis’ Annual Birthday Bash which was held in his car museum! It felt like we had completely stepped back in time dancing to Elvis’ hits of the 50’s and 60’s with fans from all over the world! Jen decided to party in her 60″s inspired attire and I stuck with my ladies of the 50’s dance hall dress.

One of my favorite events of the day was our evening tour of Graceland. I have always seen it by day but have never experienced it from a more relaxed standpoint. As we meandered through the estate I kept envisioning how it must have been enjoying evenings after dinner with friends and little Lisa Marie running through the halls. It was truly a magical experience. The tour was hosted on an iPad with headphones which meant that you could experience the mansion at your own pace, without any interruptions from others.


To end the evening we enjoyed cocktails and music at The Lobby Lounge. I am pretty sure it was inspired by Elvis’ stardom and his popular blue suede shoes.


The next morning I woke up with stars in my eyes. The entire experience not only made my heart warm, but it had me falling in love with Elvis all over again and seeing his legacy in a completely different view.


To finish out our stay at The Guesthouse at Graceland, Greg and I enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Delta’s Kitchen and talked about our favorite highlights of the night! This one will definitely go down in the memories that we share years to come.


If you are a Memphian, don’t dismiss the history that lies right in your backyard. Of course we grow up with Elvis so to most of us locals, he is just a big Memphis name, but if you have not experienced him, his estate, and his legacy as an adult, you need to book time at the new Guesthouse at Graceland, especially when they have an event planned!

I will definitely be celebrating Elvis’ birthday week again at Graceland, but there are so many other activities and parties that they host throughout the year. The next big event is the Elvis Tribute Artist weekend (2/28-29) and the guesthouse is booking ahead for the infamous Elvis Week (8/8-16).


I hope you get the opportunity to experience the King. Enjoy your stay at The Guesthouse at Graceland!

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  1. 3.6.20

    It looks like you had a fantastic time! I love the new addition to Graceland. Thank you for sharing!


    • 3.9.20
      Alexandra Nicole said:

      We sure did! I was happy to share. I will be back this week with Mrs. P for Elegant Southern Style Weekend!