Female Cycle Changes

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Ok, so I know period talk is considered taboo but no one ever tells you what to expect when you are a teen, and even more so through hormonal changes as a women. It’s probably because everyone’s cycle shows in different forms. In this post, I am sharing the changes in my cycle from the beginning, after kids, and in my mid-30’s, as well as sharing a little bit of research on the female cycle change as a whole.

Your Cycle in Your 30’s

In your 30’s, your cycle should be predictable and consistent, which has mostly been the case for me however, some benign conditions have appeared such as ovarian cysts. I have never experienced any female reproductive pain until I hit my 30’s. Fibroids, cysts, and polyps of the endometrium or cervix are more common in our 30’s and while, for the most part, are not serious, they can sometimes cause discomfort, painful cramps, make your period heavier, or even intermenstrual bleeding. For added confidence during these times, I rely on U by Kotex® Security® Ultra Thin Pads from Walmart because I can rest assured that there are no pesticides or elemental chlorine, and that they are made with only skin safe ingredients. Talk about extra security!

Your Cycle In Your 40’s

According to Edward Elmhurt Health, beginning in your 40s, the amount of estrogen produced by your ovaries may begin to fluctuate and you may not ovulate according to your regular cycle as these are the years leading up to menopause called perimenopause. The most common symptom is a change in your menstrual cycle which may be periods that are longer, shorter, heavier, or lighter than usual. You may even skip cycles. This can last from a few months to more than 10 years.

Your Cycle In Your 50’s

Most women will experience menopause in their 50s with the average age of menopause at 51. Many factors that can impact age of menopause including the number of babies you birthed, tobacco use, ethnicity, and the age your mother experienced menopause. Due to increased vaginal dryness, tampons can be uncomfortable during menopause. That’s why many women prefer to use a pad. U by Kotex® Security® Ultra Thin Pads are so slim and discreet, they will fit perfectly in most small bags and will absorb 3 times faster than the competing brands. They are also so easy to grab at Walmart, whether it is in your grocery pickup or quick run through the store!

Your Cycle After Child Birth

Your period usually won’t return until 6 weeks after giving birth and if you are breastfeeding may not return until you discontinue breastfeeding. Some women report experiencing heavier, longer or more painful periods, after child birth and others report their periods improving after having a baby.

Aside from changes with your period, childbirth can also bring conditions like pelvic floor muscle spasms. It is possible to mistake them for intense period cramps, as pain in the abdominal and pelvic regions is one of the symptoms. They can even spread to your lower back, which many women experience during their periods. But pelvic floor spasms are different from period cramps. They are caused by involuntary contractions of the muscles in your pelvic floor. And since this area also supports your bladder, bowels, and vagina, there may be other symptoms aside from pain. Watch out for changes in urination, like a burning sensation or an increase or decrease in frequency. Constipation or pain during intercourse can also be related to pelvic floor muscle spasms. Talk to your doctor to get started on treatment and targeted exercises that can alleviate these symptoms.

So there you have it! I hope this post helped to explain possible changes in your cycle that you may be currently experiencing, as well as what to expect as you age! If you found this content particularly helpful, please share this post on Pinterest to your favorite women’s health board via the pinnable image below! Also, click here to shop the U by Kotex Security shelf at Walmart!

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