Finding Alex Part 1: BUSTING THE AFTER BABY BOD + Cycle Bar

I am doing a series this month on finding me in my 30’s and in my new living situation, single momma in her 30’s. I am starting off the series with a review on a fitness routine that will give me a healthier body after baby and… some toning for becoming single in my 30’s! Let’s face it, this momma of two needs to have confidence and give herself some self love to nurture back to my 20 year old, “I can conquer the world!” brain. Don’t get me wrong, I can still conquer the world, but trying to do it as a one woman show can be tiring so health is going to be my number one friend for momming two boys, running my businesses, and kicking butt on the playing field. My first fitness routine, the Cycle Bar with my Bluff City Lights girls is going to become key for rock hard abs and a round tush.

We arrived at Cycle Bar Germantown and browsed the little shop before class. They had a lot of super cute things. We snagged some water bottles, filled them for class, and got started. Note to self, NEVER take this class without water. You are in for a tough yet super sweaty and rewarding treat.

Before class you put on your special bike shoes that click into the pedals. You are going to need them for this super intense class. If I didn’t have the shoes, my legs would have flown off the pedals several times! No worries, they provide the bike shoes at Cycle Bar.

The room where the bikes are is dark with club lights. The instructor bikes at the front facing class and uses her IPad to DJ the session. It is definitely unlike any other cycle class I have ever taken! By the way, all of the instructors have washboard abs and defined legs and back sides. I look at the instructors and get stoked about my future bod.


We all really enjoyed cycling with Cycle Bar Germantown and should you decide to join, you will  catch me there! I am doing a 6 month membership to a rock hard body. After baby, Wonder Woman body, HERE I COME!


Check out the other Bluff City Lights ladies and their experience with Cycle Bar below:


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