Finding Alex Part 4: Protection For a Single Mother +. Midtown Krav Maga

I have been up to a lot of life changes lately as you all know. One of my newest discoveries while settling into my newly single life is Krav Maga. I have found this new fitness and martial arts activity completely liberating. My practice with Midtown Krav Maga has me completely viewing world around me with a more skeptical eye, keeping me safer and more vigilant as I go through my day to day activities.

In the photo below, I am practicing “plucking,” one of the Krave Maga moves, to remove Rich’s choke hold.

This defense against a choke uses a plucking motion to break the attacker’s choke and a palm strike to instantly counterattack facilitating her escape. The defender makes a rigid hook out of one hand and uses an explosive plucking motion at the attacker’s wrist to defeat the immediate danger, the choke. With the other hand, she smashes the heel of her hand into the attacker’s nose with a palm strike to break the nose. Breaking the nose not only causes great pain and disorientation, it causes the eyes to water which inhibits the attacker’s eyesight. From there, the defender can either escape to safety or immediately follow up with additional counterattacks to the eyes, groin, and other soft targets to injure
her attacker allowing her to escape.- Rich Dixon, Midtown Krav Maga Owner

I would attempt to tell you all about the sport, but since I am so new to the challenge, I will let expert and owner of Midtown Krav Maga, Rich Dixon tell all in my interview with him. (see below)


How did you get in to teaching Krav Maga?
I was involved in the Chinese martial art of wushu for over 10 years during which time I also branched into Krav Maga. After I retired from wushu, it was a natural transition into teaching Krav Maga which can be done on a higher level much longer than wushu.
What are the pros/benefits of women taking weekly Krav Maga classes?

Let’s be honest, the self-defense needs of men and women are different. Krav Maga gives women who aren’t ring fighters or martial artists a realistic and effective way to defend themselves against common threats of violence. Of course it is equally effective for men, but being designed to allow a defender to fight off a physically larger or stronger attacker is what makes it perfect for women. Practicing self-defense and really believing that you can defend yourself alleviates a layer of stress that people feel from the threat of a violent encounter. We’re exposed to so much news coverage now that we’re more keenly aware than ever before of how dangerous our world and especially our city can be. Fear creates danger and courage dispels it. Training to be courageous builds confidence and staves off fear.

Other than protection what can a woman expect to get out of your class?

I think it’s the funnest and most effective full body workout and stress reliever, but I might be a little biased! As exercise, it works all the muscle groups for strength and power, it increases flexibility, and works both anaerobic and aerobic endurance. You can’t ask for a better workout. For stress relief, how many other activities not just allow but encourage you to yell and scream and hit things as hard as you can? Hit something, trust me you’ll feel better! Also, I see camaraderie develop among the women who participate because you’re sharing a unique experience with someone else. You’re engaging in something that not a lot of people do and that builds bonds unique to Krav Maga.

How many times per week would you recommend a student attend your class?

The system is designed for 2 classes per week. Commitment to 3 classes per accelerates the student in skill and conditioning. That being said, there are benefits to training Krav Maga even once a week. Each class is designed to instill a fighting spirit in the participants and sometimes just knowing that fighting back is an option can be the difference in danger and safety.

How long does it take for one to advance to the next level of Krav Maga?

The first level of Krav Maga which teaches basics and fundamentals of self-defense takes around 4 months of training on a 2 class per week commitment.

Do you all ever practice with weapons?

Krav Maga doesn’t include any official weapon training but it trains people to do whatever is necessary to survive a violent encounter. That can mean improvising weapons using anything at hand to work toward survival. Literally anything is an option in Krav Maga if it will help defend.


Krav Maga is based on principles, not specific techniques. You should not and do not have to be a martial arts master, Olympic athlete, or gym beast to defend yourself. There’s no magic set of moves or knowledge that will protect you. Instead, Krav Maga strives to put a fighting mindset into average people and provides them with a set of easy to learn, simple techniques to achieve the goal of self protection. – Rich Dixon


 In my journey to join other women of wellness in the world, Krav Maga has been an essential piece in training my mind to be confident and my body to react quickly.
Want to join me in my newest venture?  If you are curious about a martial arts designed to help women protect themselves while staying fit, Rich is giving my readers one free week to try out the sport! If you decide to stay on, he will be offering 20% off the first month fee for City Chic Living fans. Be sure to mention the blog for all the great deals and click here to check out his class schedule.

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