First Time Home Buying Tips

As you all know, I recently purchased a brand-new home and it wasn’t my first time at the rodeo. This home will be my third home purchase, and I must say, there are so many things I require in a home and the home buying process that I didn’t consider when purchasing my first home. In this post, I am sharing a few little tidbits that are going to be so beneficial for any first-time home buyer to save some time and to make the overall experience more pleasant!

While all opinions are my own, Rocket Mortgage® has sponsored this post.

Consider Your 5 Year Plan

It is so easy to walk into a home and fall in love immediately. That was me with my first home, but I didn’t fully consider the growth that would occur in my family through the coming years. Although I had the correct amount of bedrooms, the living room could not fit my growing family comfortably. My bedroom was also upstairs, which meant my nursery would be on the first floor, quite far from my bedroom. Needless to say, outgrowing a home is a thing but upgrading is always fun! Be sure to keep your 5-year plan in mind. You may only have two people occupying your home at first, but what about one or two babies in the baby carriage? I always recommend considering the fun and exciting changes that may occur within your family at least over the next 5 years when purchasing the home that you love.

Transparency in the Mortgage Process

Securing a mortgage means exciting times ahead but it is also a very detailed process. There are many documents that are needed which can create a lot of back and forth. I love that Rocket Mortgage helps you to understand which home loan option will best fit your family needs. With the app, you can explore home loan options based on your budget and family situation.

Is Expansion an Option?

When purchasing in an area with older homes, you may not be able to check all the must haves off your list. I loved the layout of my second home, built in 1940, but the master bathroom and bedroom were not my favorite. The master bedroom at the time that I purchased was a build out in the attic, which meant the ceilings were vaulted, the walls were not super tall and my master bedroom suite headboard could not fit up against the wall. I am a huge bathroom snob and was spoiled with my first home bathroom. My second home purchase master bathroom was definitely a downgrade. Most may completely bypass a home for these reasons, especially when “amazing bathroom” was the number one item on the list. I had a contractor come out and take a look at the home for expansion options, and we were able to come up with something that would achieve my master suite vision and not break the bank. Once I realized I could uniquely make this home my own, I made an offer and snagged my second home.

Convenient Lender

Most lending companies are not open on weekends. When you’re a full-time business owner, student and mom of three, sometimes the weekend is all you have to get the extras checked off your list. Rocket Mortgage allows you the transparency of viewing your mortgage information when it is most convenient for you, even on the weekends. Your mortgage information is available for you whenever you need it! Rocket Mortgage also provides a learning center through their app and site with articles that can help you answer any questions you may have about the process.

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