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We have lived in our house for two and half years and I have only finished decorating my front entryway. My main issue with the front entrance of my home has been the awkwardness of the layout. There is a double dining room opening right off the entrance way and also an opening to our living room. Since the space is very open, I have really had to take my time planning. In this post, I am sharing the simple way I defined my entryway and some of the items that I used to do so.

Statement Mirror Front Entryway Decor

I decided to open up the entryway even more by leaning a large bridal mirror up against the entry wall across from the double dining room doorway. I plan on painting the wall reflected in the mirror a deep olive green to add even more dimension. I will report back with those pictures in a few weeks once I get that project wrapped up, but for now, here is one of my most favorite pieces of furniture!

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Impressive Indoor Plants

For my entryway, I wanted to choose a few “show-stopping” impressive plants that are also super easy to keep alive because we all know, I struggle with keeping plants alive. How they are much harder than keeping humans alive, I will never understand. Anyway, I just love my fiddle fig tree. They are super easy to manage as they only need to be watered once per week and they are so beautifully unique.

When decorating with indoor plants, the pot that you plant your greenery in is as equally important for the decor aspect as the plant that you choose. I decided to play with heights by planting a tree in a beautiful gold planter, and then using a plant stand to showcase a smaller plant. I just love the dynamic of these two beauties together.

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5 Best Indoor Potted Plants

As for the plant on my plant table, I am not 100% on the species, but I did look up the top 5 best indoor potted plants and have created a list for you!

  • Philodendron
  • ZZ Plant
  • Dieffenbachia
  • Peace Lily Plant
  • Prayer Plant

Shop the Top 5 Plants

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