Getaways for Moms Who Need a Break

Being a mom is a full-time job and sometimes it can all get a bit too hectic, leaving us needing a break. For many mothers the best they can do is a lunch meeting with a friend while the children are at school, but go all out to unwind. Here are some excellent destinations for mothers to get away for a long weekend  and destress while the children enjoy spending time with their grandparents.

Guest Post and Suggestions by Mary Davis

Savannah, Georgia

Enjoy the best of the Old South by heading to Georgia’s oldest and prettiest city. Make believe that you are Scarlett O’Hara, and fiddle-dee-dee your way over the cobbled roads, enjoying horse-drawn carriage rides and enjoying the wonderful cuisine of the south, perfected over the years into pure deliciousness at every meal. Check out Jessie on a Journey blog for more insight into the beautiful Savannah, Georgia.

If you are a stressed-out mother with a little cash saved up and a handy baby-sitter (hello grandparents!), take some time to restore your mental and physical well-being with a short holiday in one of these gorgeous locations. You will thank yourself, but more importantly, your children will thank you too: you are important and deserve to be the best you that you can be.


Hong Kong

For a hint of the exotic, and if you have always wanted to see the something completely different, you could do no better than to pack up your best friends and head off to the Pearl River Delta. This immense urban area – the largest in the world and technically designated a ‘megacity’ that connects Hong Kong to Macao, and mainland China. Traveling around this area allows you to experience Chinese culture, but each part with a different twist!

delta riverphoto: China Daily


Sun, sea, and all the modern conveniences that the best the USA has to offer: you and your girlfriends can sip iced drinks, laze on the beach or by the pool and reminisce on the time when Spring Break was all you thought about throughout the winter. You will come back to your kids tanned and relaxed, ready to be the best mom ever that you are!

miami pods.comphoto:

Florence, Italy

The art capital of the world, Florence is bursting with beautiful paintings, detailed and intricate sculptures and even the architecture is artistically stunning and worthy of admiration. Sip authentic Italian coffee, enjoy pizzas and pasta and walk for hours around the city to enjoy the wealth of stunning craftsmanship and artistic talent that is on every street and in almost every building.

florence cityscape-shutterstock_297924938photo: ItaliRail


Warm sultry nights, steel drum bands, friendly and welcoming people and lush and tropical greenery against wonderfully clean sandy beaches and clear blue seas that positively invite you to slip into the water, Jamaica is a fantastic place to get away from it all. Swim, relax and sunbathe for a few days and fully restore yourself, along with your best friend, before you both return to your busy and productive lives.


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