Helpful Tips for Completing a Full-Body Wax

All salons offer different services. One popular service at many salons is full body waxes for people of all gender identities. Waxing every single part of your body is nearly impossible by yourself, leading people to turn to professionals for help. While this process is taxing on wax artists, there are ways to complete a full-body wax without overexerting the artist or hurting the client. Keep reading to find these tips.

Avoid Caffeine Beforehand

One of the cardinal rules of successful waxing is avoiding caffeine beforehand. Clients shouldn’t drink caffeine or alcohol immediately prior to getting waxed because it can make their skin more sensitive, and wax artists shouldn’t drink caffeine because it can make their hands shaky. Shaky hands mean uneven wax application, making the waxing experience uncomfortable for clients. While full-body waxes can take a long time, try not to caffeinate the hour before to avoid those subtle shakes.

Use a Pre-Depilatory Oil

Full body waxes require you to apply wax all over a person’s body, sometimes even in sensitive areas. Skin can change texture and sensitivity across different regions of the body. To wax these various areas successfully, you must prep the skin. While you should have told your client about the importance of skin prep before waxing sessions before their appointment, you can use pre-depilatory oil as some helpful last-minute skin prep. This oil will help hydrate the skin and create a barrier between the skin and the hair, so you only remove the unwanted hair. No wax reapplications necessary!

Take Breaks

The average woman is around five feet, three inches tall, and the average man is about five feet, eight inches tall. Hair covers those bodies, from arms to chest to legs to back and in more intimate places like under the arms and around the genitals. You can’t expect to successfully wax all those areas in one quick sitting, and you can’t expect your client to comfortably sit through all that either. Give yourself and your clients breaks as you finish each section of the body. Keep water on hand for yourself and your client, and ask them about their comfort levels. It’s never too late to change something so your client feels more comfortable with their waxing experience.

Our tips for completing a full body wax at your salon are to avoid caffeine beforehand, use pre-depilatory oil on the client’s skin, and give yourself and your client plenty of breaks. Full body waxes are a popular salon request, so knowing how to complete one is essential to business success.

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