Holiday Details You Should Add to Your Gift Cards

The holidays are an exciting time for everyone, from little kids experiencing traditions for the first time to businesses accommodating the influx of Christmas shoppers. One way many businesses try to thrive throughout the holidays and beyond is by selling gift cards. If you want to take your gift cards to the next level this season, you should add holiday details. Keep reading to learn more about what details to add.

Seasonal Colors

Most of the time, your gift cards probably come in neutral colors or colors associated with your business. During the holidays, switch things up with seasonal colors. The most common winter holiday color combinations are red and green and blue and white. You can add metallic colors to these combinations, such as gold and silver. Blue and green, red and gold, and white and silver are also beautiful seasonal color combinations you can use for your cards.

Holiday Imagery

There are lots of holiday symbols you can use to create customized gift cards that will delight anyone who buys one of your gift cards. Snowflakes, snowmen, holiday lights, wreaths, mistletoe, sleds, and hot drinks are all fun holiday symbols.

While many winter holidays are religious and have holiday symbols, it’s best to use secular symbols on your gift cards. This way, anyone from any background or religion can comfortably buy and gift your gift cards.

Kind Words

The holiday season is all about kindness, love, joy, and hope. Think about the kind words we see on billboards and cards throughout this time of year: happy holidays, season’s greetings, merry and bright. These words cheer us up when we see them, and you can also use them to cheer up gift card recipients.

While your gift cards should include important words about your business, such as your name and a tagline, you should also include these kind words on your holiday gift cards. Print them wherever the design makes sense, such as in white space or on the packaging.

You can decorate your gift cards however you want this holiday season, but you should consider adding these fun holiday details if possible. Holiday colors, symbols, and words will entice shoppers to buy your gift cards as presents, helping your business thrive during the holiday season!

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