Home Gym Must Haves

During Covid, we weren’t able to keep our fitness going in the gym, so we decided to set up a gym at the house. With a few key fitness equipment and accessories, Mr. Greg and I have been able to stay on top of the fitness game through the pandemic.

Tonal Gym

Forget plates, barbells, and bands. Tonal uses revolutionary dynamic weight that adjusts to your every move, delivering personalized workouts to help you be your strongest self. Tonal’s patented dynamic weight system makes thousands of calculations a second to deliver you a smooth weight lifting experience using magnets and electricity. By eliminating traditional metal weights Tonal can deliver 200 pounds of resistance in a device smaller than a flatscreen TV. I love how this equipment will customize to meet my fitness needs.

Reech Yoga Mat

The days of losing your grip and position are a thing of the past. REECH’s guaranteed never slip grip on the namaSTAY mat will give you the confidence to stretch a little further and push a little harder. I love hot yoga, but find that I slip in my sweat with my old mat. With My Reech, I can properly hit my yoga poses without the sweat deterring my workout!


The Peloton bike brings you the most convenient and immersive indoor cycling experience, streaming daily live classes from their NYC studio directly into my home. I have 24-hour access to studio cycling classes available to everyone in my home. Through Peloton, I can also challenge my friends and family with fitness journeys to hold each other accountable!

Zafu Meditation Cushion

After working out, I love to take a moment to sit in silence and meditate as part of my cool down. I love using Yoga Accessories’ traditional zafu meditation cushion. This round silk jacquard zafu meditation cushion features a luxurious silk cover with an intricate variegated Jacquard pattern. There is a small zippered opening, neatly hidden between the pleats, so that I can adjust the amount of filling or remove the cover for a wash. If you prefer a different color. you can choose from a variety of stunning colors.

Hand Weights

Every home gym needs a set of hand weights. I use mine in conjunction with my Peloton so that I may lift while riding or while watching one of my favorite fitness videos. You can even use weights for a quick non-instructor lead workout in between meetings to boost your strength throughout the day! I found a variety of weights at Academy Sports that are perfect for my home gym space.

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