How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last on Legs & Bikini? + Giveaway

Want to get your legs and bikini lines forever silky smooth from this summer on? Of course we all do and laser hair removal is a great way to achieve this goal but the first questions we all have is, how long does laser hair removal last on legs and the bikini area? I am in my 5th out of 7 treatments and in this post, I am going to give you the scoop!


Before I answer all of your questions on the topic, I want to explain the laser that is used where I get my treatments done. I have had laser hair removal before at another establishment, with another laser and to be quite honest, the treatment was unbearable and I was not able to go back for a third treatment. When I discovered A Beautiful You Medical Spa, formly Sona Med Spa locally owned and operated since 2005, I began discussing the pain I felt when getting laser hair removal in the past and that is when I discovered that there are different types of lasers that can be used and that the laser at A Beautiful You is one with minimal discomfort.


The laser that they use is specifically for laser hair removal. Many places will treat hair with more general lasers that actually doesn’t specifically treat laser hair removal.
This laser is called the Venus Velocity. This laser provides faster, more comfortable laser hair treatments that are safe for all skin types. The treatment for both legs and my bikini area took less than 30 minutes and the discomfort was very, very minimal.


How long does laser hair removal last on legs? (and bikini)
This treatment is performed to be a permanent solution to laser hair removal.

Does laser hair removal last permanently?
The treatment is mostly permanent. I say this because over time a few sprouts of hair can begin to grow back and this is why touch up treatments are necessary over time. 

How many laser hair removal treatments are needed for legs?
One package includes 6 services that are spaced a month from each other.
I saw significant hair loss in the first and second treatment and my daily shaving routine had been reduced to once per month.
After the third treatment I did not see much of a difference. As a matter of fact, it seemed the hair was growing back however I was told this would happen. As the roots push themselves to the surface of your skin, it looks like you have had a boost of hair growth when in all actuality, the dead roots are just moving up the hair shaft to fall out.
I am now in my 5th treatment and my shaving has all but stopped. I do get a few little hairy patches still popping up but I take note on where these spots are and inform my laser professional about them so we can specifically target those areas during the service.


Does laser hair removal hurt on legs?
In my experience there is slight discomfort at times when the laser goes over areas of skin dense with hair. It is by no means unbearable. It feels like a little pop but this only occurs during moments of the treatment and does not last the entire service time. I have found that if you shave the night before, the pain is very minimal.

How much does it cost to laser hair removal legs and bikini?
The bikini area is normally around $1125 and legs are around $1650. Of course there are financing options at most medical spas like A beautiful You Med Spa.

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