How Quality Time can Build Positive Relationship with you Toddler

Unfortunately “adulting” can leave you in a whole heap of improperly prioritized activities. Mine usually looks like this: work, pick up Jack, grocery store, Jack’s bath, and work again. There are many evenings as I am pulling the laundry out of the washing machine to the dryer I hear Jack’s little voice “Mommy, I want to hold you!”

(Shopping in Nyack, NY)
“Hang on a minute son, let me finish swapping the laundry.” I say and then I am off to the dishes before I stop to give my little one the little bit of love that he is asking for. It isn’t until I find myself in bed at night with my sweet little angel sleeping peacefully next to me that I stop to admire him and even want to wake him up. This is usually followed by me feeling super sad and upset with myself that I didn’t stop to hold my little guy when he asked for a little attention. After the loss of my brother, I am reminded at these times how lucky that I am to have my son to hold and I need to be a better mommy and prioritize my “adulting” with the things that matter most first…. RELATIONSHIP.
(I has just woke Jack up…he did not want to show the camera love! haha)
Being a success at parenting and adulting are hard jobs to balance but I have come to the conclusion that PARENTING is first! I have always known it but like so many other busy mommas that work and manage the domestic life side by side, it is easy to get into the “check it off the list” routine.



I have made it my duty to toss the list and work to spend quality moments with my son. He is 2 and doesn’t understand that mommy is ultimately doing what needs to be done to help support the household, to him, I am mommy and I make him happy (as he tells me on the daily). I am his hero and in his eyes I am perfect. It is very important to me not to let him down or make him feel like he isn’t my hero as well, therefore mommy son weekly dates are in order!


These dates are truly the equivalent to a spa day for me. No, I am not getting pedis and massages, but the gratification that he and I receive from the memories we build in our time together deeply overshadows a full spa treatment. So, in being super transparent and candid in this post on parenting, I would love to share some ideas on relationship building with your toddler.


Dates with Mommy: 

  • Zoo – We have a zoo membership and my son LOVES it! He loves observing the animals and inquiring on animal facts. Most zoos have free daily feedings and shows for added fun. We love to visit the zoo for an afternoon of Dippin’ Dots and animal watching.
  • Children’s Museum – Check out your local children’s museum for a fun filled day of interactive and informative exhibits as well as extra members only parties and events! Jack loves to go to the superhero events so that he can meet Spiderman and get a quick photo.
  • Picnic – Pack up a blanket and snack and head on over to your local park. Set up a picnic and have conversation. Ask your little one about their day at school or even simple convo starters like “What is your favorite color?” “Who is your favorite Paw Patrol pup?” Be sure to engage your tot one on one in conversation before allowing play time on the jungle gym. Oh, and play time doesn’t mean propping up on a park bench, you must get up and run the course too! Think of it as killing two birds with one stone, a little QT and workout at the same time!




  • Swimming Lessons – This is a HUGE one! First of all, teaching your child to swim is essential if you live in the warmer parts of the world where pools are prevalent. Swimming also counts as time spent together but even more than just building relationship, you are building trust. Trust is very important in a child parent relationship.
  • Afternoon Snack – This one is super fun. Head on over to your local favorite restaurant and enjoy a snack together. We love getting a smoothing from the Juice Bar or chips and cheese dip from our favorite local Mexican restaurant.
  • Crafts – Jack really enjoys craft time. We choose a craft, make a visit to Michal’s to pick up our supplies, and head home to get to crafting. Make sure that you are not a perfectionist in this activity. Allow your little one to use their imagination and have fun with it!


Items to replicate my Tribal Chic Outfit:


I would love to learn more about your Mommy Dates! Share some ideas in the comments below and I will add them to our list!

Thank you for reading!


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    Spending one on one time with my toddler has been a huge venture for me this time around. I love all the ideas you listed!

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    Hi Lovely said:

    Quality time is key!

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    I am so, so looking forward to the day when my littles are here (twins due 12/13) and we can head out to the zoo! Great list of other ideas for me to keep in mind! Thanks!