How to Dip Your Own Nails

A few times a year I review my monthly expenditures and try to find ways where I can cut back on unnecessary spending. Last month, I decided to cut back on beauty spending which meant that my bi-weekly manicures had to go. Of course, cutting back doesn’t mean, to do without. Cutting back is merely an opportunity to learn! Can you guess what I did?

You’ve got it, I learned how to perfect an at home manicure which included, mastering the dip!

Dip Your Own Nails

The mere thought of attempting to dip your nails at home can be intimidating but trust me, it really is as easy as it looks. To start, I purchased the Azure Beauty Dip Powder Starter Kit on Amazon. This kit has everything you need to dip your own nails except 100% acetone and a buffing block for smoothing ridges on top of the nail.

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Is Dip Actually Better for Your Nails?

Not only is dip powder harder and more durable than gel, it is great for those with weak nails or people who do a lot of labor with their hands without having to glue on acrylic tips and damaging your nail. The durability that dipped nails can provide will reduce chipping distress that can happen with regular manicures. The dip process also allows your nails to grow without damaging the root!

How to Dip Your Own Nails

  1. Remove any nail polish from your nails. If you do not have nail polish on your nails, use acetone to clean them.
  2. Prep your nail using the cuticle pusher that is included in the kit. Gently push back your cuticles.
  3. Apply the Dip Powder Base that is included in the kit. Be sure to apply a very thin layer and begin applying in the middle of the nail so that the base isn’t thick around the cuticles.
  4. Dip your nail at a 45 degree angle into the dip powder container. After removing your finger from the container, allow it to sit for 30 seconds before brushing off any excess powder with the nail brush included in your kit.
    NOTE: Your nails will look uneven after the first dip but that is normal. (see image below)

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 two more times.

6. After your third dip, apply the Dip Powder Activator to harden the dip.

7. With the buffing block, smooth the top of the nail to remove ridges and shape your nails with the nail file included in the Azure Beauty Kit.

8. Apply the Dip Powder Gel Top and allow it to dry for 60 seconds before applying a second coat.

Happy dipping!
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