How to Do a Blowout at Home

Many women enjoy the luxury of weekly blowouts in the salon that last days before having to wash. Full, bouncy hair that is envy worthy! With 2020 being mostly experienced from home, many were left to figure out their haircuts and styles on their own. I have officially mastered the blowout at home, and guess what? It turns out that it is all in the tools!

Let’s talk about the items you will need for the perfect blow out, shall we? A clipie is simply needed to section off the hair for drying. Easy!

Here is the Guide from We are the Makers

Next, a round brush is a definite. Now there are tons of barrel sizes for round brush and the size that you will need, will determine the outcome of your style. Learn more about round brush sizes here.

A few things you will need to collect before getting started. If you have thin hair, you will want to get a root lifter. I like Pureology Root Lifting Mousse as it can be applied directly on the roots for targeted volume and not to weight down the rest of your hair.

The hairspray formula is very important as you do not want anything too stiff so that your locks will flow naturally, however you need something that will take care of any flyaways all day. My favorite is the Keratin Flexible Hold Hairspray.

The Hair Goddess Expansion System Primer is a primer that creates a weightless volume for the rest of your hair not targeted at the root. Give your hair volume and increase strength and flexibility, while fighting free radicals that damage and weaken hair with this primer.  This product is also great for the next tool you will need as it gives the hair a thermal protection from heated tools. Speaking of the next item you will need, the Remington Wet2Style is the key to creating the perfect blow out.

The Remington Wet 2 Style blow dryer (less than $30) is the best tool for perfecting the blowout at home. This dryer comes with innovative attachments. The straightening attachment smooths. The blowout boost attachment is the one we will be using. The diffuser attachment helps define curls and the slipstream attachment for pre-straightening.

How to do a Blowout at Home

  1. Spray the roots section by section with the Pureology Root Mousse.
  2. Spritz the rest of your hair with the Hair Goddess Primer.
  3. Lightly blow out your hair without any attachment until it is barely damp. I like to flip my hair over and do it upside down.
  4. Secure the blowout attachment and ection off your hair like the images above.
  5. With a round brush begin at the roots, for volume, and begin blowing out like the pictures above.
  6. Once you are finished, spray a little hairspray over the crown of your head and smooth down any fly away! Now how’s that for bouncy, luxurious hair!

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