How to Do Your Nails at Home Like a Professional

Dipping your nails at home, also known as dip powder nails, can give you a professional-looking manicure when done correctly. Have short nails but want that long natural nail look? No worries, in this post, I will tell you the step-by-step guide on how to combine tips and dip for the most natural looking nails.

Materials You’ll Need to Dip Your Nails at Home

  1. Saviland Nude Dip Powder
  2. Dip Powder Liquid Set (includes base coat, activator, top coat, and brush saver)
  3. Nail file
  4. Nail buffer
  5. Cuticle Oil
  6. UV Lamp/ Nail Glue Kit
  7. Nail Tips
  8. Nail clippers
  9. Cuticle Pusher
  10. Gel Nail Polish Remover
  11. Nail Drill
  12. Small Nail brush
  13. Nail Kit Organizer


Step-by-Step Instructions for Dipping Your Nails

  1. Prepare Your Nails:
    • Start by removing any old nail polish using nail polish remover.
    • Clip your nails to your desired length.
    • Use a nail file to shape and smooth the edges of your nails.
    • Gently push back your cuticles using a cuticle pusher.
  2. Apply Nail Tips: (if you want to add length to your natural nails)
    • Fit the tip to your nail and glue in place. Repeat for each nail.
    • Clip the tips to your desired length
    • Shape nails
    • Using the drill, gently smooth the top of the nail where the tip meets your natural nail. This helps the dip to go on even, with no ridge in the middle of the nail.
  3. Apply Base Coat:
    • Apply a thin, even layer of the base coat to one nail at a time, avoiding contact with the cuticles and skin.
    • Immediately dip the wet nail into the dip powder, making sure it covers the entire nail surface.
    • You can tap off any excess powder into your container or use a brush to gently brush off the excess powder.
  4. Repeat for Each Nail x3
    • Follow the same process for each nail: apply base coat, dip into powder, tap off excess, and repeat until all nails have the first coat.
    • Then repeat the process until each nail has 3 coats dipped.
    • Be sure to make sure the base coat is thinner around the cuticle area for a more natural cuticle bed line.
  5. Activator:
    • After completing the base coat and powder application for all nails, apply the activator to each nail. This will help set the powder and harden the nails.
  6. Buff and Shape:
    • Once the activator has dried, use a nail file to shape your nails and remove any rough edges.
    • Gently buff the top of the nail for a smooth surface.
    • Be gentle to avoid removing too much of the powder.
  7. Second Coat (Optional):
    • If you desire a more opaque or vibrant color, you can repeat the process for a second coat by applying base coat, dipping in powder, and applying the activator. It’s not necessary but can enhance the color.
  8. Apply Top Coat:
    • Apply a generous coat of the top coat to each nail, ensuring a smooth and even application. This will give your nails a glossy finish.
  9. Dry:
    • Some dip powder kits require a UV or LED nail lamp to cure the top coat. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for drying times.
    • If you do not have an UV or LED nail lamp for drying, allow the normal dry times for your top coat to dry and harden.
  10. Clean and Finish:
    • Use a small brush or makeup brush to remove any excess powder from your nails, cuticles, and surrounding skin.
    • You can also clean the brush with alcohol or nail polish remover to remove any residual powder.
  11. Hydrate Cuticles:
    • Apply cuticle oil or moisturizer to your nails and cuticles to keep them healthy and moisturized.

Dip powder nails can last for a few weeks, and when it’s time to remove them, you can do so by soaking your nails with a gel nail polish remover kit and gently pushing off the softened powder with a cuticle pusher.

Remember that practice makes perfect, and it may take a few attempts to get a professional-looking finish. Be patient and follow the instructions provided in your specific dip powder kit for the best results. For more amazing nail products, visit Saviland Nails to stock up!

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