How to Edit iPhone Photos to Look Professional

When I first started blogging, in 2012, I purchased a professional camera for getting the perfect photos. Of course this meant that I needed to have someone on set every shoot to operate the camera for me. As you can imagine, this was pretty costly as the equipment was expensive and so was the hourly rate for a camera operator. Thankfully, 10 years later, I am able to complete most of my shoots being a one woman show! In this post, I will share how I edit my iPhone photos and also share the equipment that I use for getting the perfect shot!

To edit photos in iPhone to look professional, first, download the Lightroom App on your phone. While this tutorial is directed towards iPhone users, the Lightroom app is available on both iPhone and Android for free!

Then, head on over to Google and search “lightroom mobile presets” in the shopping tab. You will find that there are hundreds of available presets out there. Choose some of your favorites.

If you are a business and are looking for a branded feel on your social platforms, I recommend choosing only one preset package for consistency.

When purchasing a preset package, make sure that instructions for download come with your presets. Most companies provide this information for their customers.

Now, find the photo in your ”photos” on iPhone and click the upload button in the bottom left corner of your phone. A screen like the one below should pop up. Click the Lightroom icon, and then “Launch Lightroom Now.”

Once your photo opens up in Lightroom, click presets at the bottom of the screen (see below left photo.) Once you have downloaded all of your presets to your Lightroom app, your purchased presets will pop up (see below right photo.)

Once you have chosen an edit from your preset package that you like, click the upload button at the top right and save the photo to your iPhone photos by choosing “export to camera roll” (see photo below)

And there you have it! A simple and easy way to quickly edit your everyday iPhone photos into semi-professional quality, printable pieces.

Equipment that I Use

Tripod for Phone

Bluetooth Remote Shutter Button
I like this one better than the one that comes with the tripod, and, it’s always better to have two handy!

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