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There all sorts of diet plans out there and I haven’t tried hardly any of them except a fitness plan after pregnancy and the two years in college where I went pescatarian. You see, I am an instant gratification kind of girl and if I can’t see results quick, I lose interest. I have recently found myself in a dilemma. With 8 months of Covid I have put on the covid 10. (That is the 10lbs you gain when trying to be productive but are on lockdown and forced to binge watch your favorite shows while eating bon-bons instead.) Of course, that is a lot of us, so not really the dilemma. To throw a curveball in there, I have an upcoming cruise! *Enters main dilemma.* Get a beach bod on the quick.

Remember when I said that I am an instant gratification kind of girl? I know myself all too well. If I begin a diet or workout plan and do not see or feel significant results in the first week, I abort mission. So in order to stay committed, I need a regimen that is structured and quick. I decided to try Bikini Cleanse after reading everyone’s reviews, and of course, seeing the girlie packaging, fun bikini body goals, and only 7 day results structure and all I can say is WOW!

Upon getting my Bikini Cleanse package in the mail, I excitedly ripped open the box and was greeted with my Bikini Passport. This super easy guide gives you the Bikini Cleanse low down, a list of approved foods, a few recipe ideas, and other important facts about body detoxes. I was shocked at all of the approved foods. I love steak, cabbage, brussel sprouts, and peppers, all of which were on the list along with many other of my favorite eats.

The plan calls for you to enjoy one smoothie (as one meal), 2 meals, 2 bikini mocktail mixes, 2 light snacks, and a detox beauty tea at night. I am always on the go in the AM so I chose to have my smoothie in the mornings.

I GAG on protein shakes and powdered substances, but this smoothie tasted like an orange dreamsicle. I literally woke up every morning looking forward to my Bikini Smoothie. I tried making it tons of different ways but it tastes best with 8oz water, a cup of ice, the smoothie packet, and a splash of almond milk. Really very tasty!

As my day would get started, I would enjoy one of the approved raw veggie snacks along with my juicy raspberry ketone mocktail. Just pour the ketone stick in a bottled water and shake, shake, shake! If I was home when mixing my mocktail, I would pour it over ice and pop in a straw to make it a little more tropical. Hey… I am getting ready for a cruise remember? If this plan can give me beach vibes while also getting a beach body, I am all in!

Again, I was super surprised by the deliciousness of this drink. The plan calls for 2 a day during each snack period and honestly, I could have drank twice the amount. Do I enjoy this better than coffee, although it tastes nothing like coffee? It is a close call. YUMMY!

Lunch was a breeze! Like I said, there are tons of items on the approved list that I like, making my options pretty broad. Most days I would hit up Wild Beet or some other fresh eatery while on the go and add a protein to beef it up. Of course, this can easily be done in your kitchen at home. Turkey meat is also one of the approved items. I loved rolling up sliced deli turkey and eating it with broccoli or sliced bell peppers for lunch as well. I can eat fresh deli meat all day! Don’t worry, if that’s not your thing, there are LOTS of other combos and recipes you can make with the approved ingredients.

Dinner, my favorite time of day! Most diet plans will have you skimp but a hearty steak and cabbage, or juicy pork chop and brussel sprouts are my go to dishes. I can say honestly that i never go to bed hungry on this plan!

Now on to my favorite part of the Bikini Cleanse, an evening cup of detox tea. No worries, you will not be up all night “detoxing” in the bathroom. I have yet to experience this “extreme elimination” that most describe when detoxing. This cup of caffeine free herbal tea is merely a soothing Bikini Cleanse ritual, right before you hit the sack!



All in all on the three day plan I lost 7 pounds in 3 days! I have just started the 7 day Bikini Cleanse and am hoping to lose 14 pounds in 7 days! So far I am on day 3 and am tracking on goal as I am 7 pounds lighter than 3 days ago! Woo Hoo! I will touch based after the cleanse and share before and after photos!

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