How to Make A Living Room Cozy

With quarantine being the norm these days it is important to find ways to create a sense of zen for a little personal sanity. One of the ways I am achieving this is to incorporate more peaceful settings within my living space. In this post, I am sharing 5 tips for making your living room more cozy.


The living room is a place to chill in on a lazy Sunday afternoon, hold a girls’ slumber party on the weekends, or have a game night in with your coworkers. It’s practically the most multifunctional space there is in the home. One of the important factors to look into when improving this space is comfort—yours and everybody else’s. This means choosing aesthetically pleasing upholstery fabric for your furniture that is also highly functional and comfortable.

Trade Coffee Tables for Oversized Ottomans

Ottomans are more inviting for family gathering in the living room as they can serve as additional seating. They are also great to rest your feet on for additional comfort.  I love adding a tray to the top of my ottoman which converts it to serve perfectly as a coffee table. If you find an ottomans with storage, these can help with clutter. I always throw my magazines and remotes in my ottoman when I am not using them to keep my family room more tidy. Stash Home not only has a variety of ottomans to choose from, you can even customize your own fabrics to perfectly fit your home decor style.

Add More Floor and Table Lamps

Since adding a few lamps to my living room, I rarely use my overhead light. I love the ambient tone and warm inviting glow that my lamps bring to the space. I love combining floor and table lamps throughout the house to ensure each space is well lit enough for conversing while keeping the cool vibes. I recently purchased two Le Chic table lamps from Stash Home that have been all the rage. They are so bold yet feminine, and I love that there are two switches to adjust the lighting level.


Add Bookshelves and Books

Books add personality to a room. Whether you are a reader or not, filling your shelves with topics that interest you and those in your family tell a story to those who visit. Having a bookshelf with great reads handy makes it perfect for coffee and a good book when the kiddos go down for a nap. I like spicing up my bookshelves with fun knick knacks and accent pieces. You can even attach artwork or a TV to your bookshelf if it takes up one full wall. I found several cute coffee table books that are great for stacking on my shelves as well as several very unique shelving pieces!


Oversized Accent Pillows

Pillows are cozy in general but add a couple of huge, oversized pillows to your space and you have created more softness to the room. Pillows are a great way to add pattern and design into an otherwise very neutral room. I found so many accent pillows for my space at Stash Home. They have an entire wall of huge throw pillows ready to pop on any sofa!

If you like the country chic vibe, you might also want to check out these farmhouse-themed pillows and pillowcases for a piece of the good ol’ Americana style.


Faux Fur and Cozy Blankets

I am all about faux fur pieces thrown over an ottoman or the back of a chair. In the photo above, you can see the faux fur strown over a pillow table. Talk about instant warmth to a piece of furniture! I even have a faux fur over the back of my office chair! Oversized blankets are not only easy access to a great snuggle, but they also serve as a decor item!

Want to share my quick tips for making your living room cozy? 
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