How to Make an Affordable Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie Boards are all the rage these days as they are a classy quick treat for any dinner party or gathering. Unfortunately there tends to be a large expense tagged with creating a charcuterie board because of the expensive cheeses that are usually involved. In this post, I am sharing my finds for a super affordable, hearty charcuterie board. Less than $60!

For this board, I got all of my ingredients from Sam’s Club! The mediterranean olive medley had so many different little tid bits in it, such as seasoned mushrooms, stuffed peppers, olive tapenade, artichokes, and more.

The assorted meats package included genoa salami, pepperoni, and hard salami. The assorted cheese set also had a great variety such as swiss, colby, pepperjack, and cheddar cheese slices.

The brie and topping really added the beauty to the board and was the focal point! Everyone at my gathering fell in love with the almond, honey, cranberry addition to the brie wheel.

And of course, no charcuterie party would be complete without wine! I was able to pick up some Sam’s Club wine and I was shocked at the quality and taste. It was delicious!

Obviously quantity is a big factor when bringing a charcuterie board to a gathering. Sam’s Club is definitely the way to go because everything came in huge packages! I had enough food to keep my board full as the party went on.

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