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How to Wear a Two Piece in the Gym if You Are A Mom

After having two babies I thought I would NEVER be seen in public with a two piece on again, and that is partially true when it comes to a bikinis, but I have found my match when it comes to gym fashion trends and wow does this line totally boost my confidence.

First thing is first, I have never sported a two piece to the gym, EVER. Not even when I had a tight little 18 year old bod! Of course, I would have never been caught in a one piece swimsuit back then either. So what changed? The Evolution of Slimming Fashion!

I have signed up to get a monthly Fabletics Subscription box and was able to choose the type of color scheme and styles I normally wear in my workout clothes. I must admit, I decided to go a little risque with my choice on the type of fashion cuts I would go with. I am newly divorced and trying to rediscover my identity as a 30 something mom of two. I was thrilled to learn that Fabletics have slimming, tummy control bottoms that come up over my belly button and sports bras with a wider slimming back strap to hide any extra fluff.


The photo above has not been photo-shopped, however, if you see me in a bikini you will notice my mom pouch. No mom pouch in these leggings! My Fabletics sportswear has me feeling super confident and sexy when going for a neighborhood run or powering it out in the gym.


Sometimes I will even get some fun athleisure day wear pieces in my monthly subscription. The light tunic sweater above is great for throwing over my two piece workout wear for a quick coffee, grocery shopping, or picking up the kiddos after school!

Now, if only I could find a swimsuit that boasts a tummy tucking feature!
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