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Instagram, and social media in general, is a huge focus for many small businesses this year. SO many new features to monetize, create compelling content, and collaborate with others in the industry. Today I am sharing my instagram bio ideas and a few simple steps for revamping and setting up your Instagram Bio. So, ready to learn how to write an Instagram Bio?

Unique Name Text

There aren’t a lot of options for differentiation in the few lines allowed on your bio. One way to capture the attention of your audience is with a unique name font. One of my favorite free websites for Instagram Fonts Generator is LingoJam. Just pop in the text and LingoJam will give you a list of available fonts to convert. Be sure to choose a font that is not too busy and readable!

Highlight Images

A great way to add brand visuals to your instagram is through highlight imagery. Etsy has tons of Instagram highlight themes available for purchase and download to your cellular device. Once you choose the imagery that best matches your brand and specific highlight, hold down the highlight image in your Instagram profile, until a menu pops up. Choose Edit highlight and then, edit cover. After selecting edit cover, you will be able to choose the highlight image from your phone pictures.

Call Out to Stories

This is simple but makes all the difference as far as a “call to action” goes. Direct your audience to view your stories. In my bio, I have “See Stories for Gold.” This entices the viewer to click on your stories.

Smart Link

A smart link is great for sharing a lot of content at once with your audience. If you click the link in my Instagram bio, a drop down with several links will pop up allowing the viewer to choose which type of information they are interested in. This is great for conversion rates, whether it be a sign up for your email list, a contact button for collaborations, my newest blog post, or recent accolades that have come my way. Many smart link platforms also track clicks so that you can determine which type of content your audience is most interested in. My favorite service is Tailwind because they allow imagery to be used as buttons as well.

Media Mentions

You have a limited amount of space to capture the attention of your audience, therefore, put your best foot forward. Include any PR, media mentions, professional credentials or awards in your bio.

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