Is there A Perfect Time to Have A Baby Shower?

When is the best time to have or host a baby shower? This is a question that many of my friends and family members who are mothers have pondered over. Everyone has an opinion about the best time, but like most things in life, there’s no one right answer. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of preference.

Traditionally, most women have their baby shower in the middle of their last trimester. The reason for this is that they want to have the shower late enough into the pregnancy that they’re confident about being able to deliver a healthy baby,  but not so late that they’re in danger of going into labor. 

But more women are challenging tradition all the time. 

Modern women can have their showers at almost any time within their pregnancy. Keep reading to figure out some of the best times,  the reasons mothers choose them, and hopefully, find a time that works for you or the woman you’re hosting the shower for. 

When is a Good Time? 

Mid-third-trimester showers are popular for a reason. 

Most mothers who make it to the third trimester will make it to term. Needless to say, it’s an important milestone that’s worthy of celebration. Not to mention, she can proudly show off her large baby bump, but also still have enough energy to party with her family and friends. 

With that said, the baby shower can be thrown at any time during the pregnancy, though some times are more ideal than others. 

If you’re hosting a shower for someone else, the main factor to consider is the health and energy level of the mother-to-be. 

If she’s not feeling good, or her best self, schedule it for another time. This could mean physical discomfort, severe medical issues, or just her body confidence at the time of the shower. 

The only time that a baby shower absolutely shouldn’t be thrown is after the eighth month of pregnancy. When a mother is this far along, she could go into labor at literally any moment. 

Not the best circumstances for a celebration. 

Throwing a baby shower too early also isn’t the best idea, due to the possibility of miscarrying, but in most cases, the mother doesn’t even disclose her pregnancy until her second trimester.  So this probably won’t be a concern. 

Once you’ve chosen the date, send the baby shower invitations right away. You can opt for pre-made invitation cards that fit the theme or send email invites to save time and effort. As a general rule, it’s best to send invitations at least three weeks before the date to give guests ample time to send back their response and prepare for the baby shower. They may have to look for presents or outfits, depending on the theme and dress code of the shower.

Setting a date

Aside from choosing a date when the mother feels healthy and happy, the schedules of the guests should be considered as well. At least those guests that the mother-to-be would want to be involved in her big day. You can also make exceptions for casual acquaintances and co-workers, but you don’t have to.

Can the shower happen after the baby is born?

Technically, a baby shower is supposed to happen before the baby is born. But sometimes, women tend to have celebrations after the baby is born. To avoid confusion, we call these events Sip & See’s. These are fun parties that allow the mother to introduce their baby to their closest friends and families.

Sip & See’s are the perfect option for moms who might have gone into labor prematurely, and didn’t have time to have a proper shower.

Moms who are pregnant with twins and other multiples often don’t make it to term, so Sip & See’s are a great option for them. Of course, any mom can have a Sip & See, even if she had a baby shower, too! A mom having her second baby might decide on a Sip & See too since she already has everything she needs.

Religious Influence

The religious affiliation of the mother may also impact what time in her pregnancy she wants to have her baby shower. If you’re the host, make sure to take that into consideration! 


The ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic has made it difficult for people to enjoy large gatherings. And while some families still celebrate in person, despite the risk of contraction of the virus, many are opting for a safer option. 

Does that mean that they aren’t able to celebrate the birth of their baby? Of course not! The safer option is a virtual baby shower! 

Virtual Showers

Many people are turning to throwing a baby shower online. Thanks to platforms like WebBabyShower, which is the first and largest virtual baby shower platform, any mother or family can celebrate their baby’s birth from the comfort of their own home.

Since its inception, over 10,000 women have hosted their baby shower with their unique platform, which allows moms and families to celebrate online, via a secure link, upload photos (like of the sonogram), personalize pre-made templates, leave messages, that’s just scraping the barrel!  

Most importantly, a virtual shower can be ongoing so choosing “the perfect time” isn’t something a host has to worry about! If you’re curious to read more about modern baby shower etiquette, check out WebBabyShower’s guide on the differences of virtual baby shower etiquette.

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