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It doesn’t have to be a birthday or special occasion to celebrate being a kid. Last year we moved into our new neighborhood and Jack really wanted to be able to meet some of the kiddos that lived near by. I decided to send an email to all of the neighborhood moms to invite their kiddos to a movie night at our house. In this post, I am sharing a few ideas for hosting your very own movie night for the kids.

Make a Cozy Space

Don’t worry if you can’t fit ten kids on your couch. You can make a cozy space right in your living room floor. We laid out sleeping bags and quilts on the floor in front of the playroom couch and added a few folding chairs to make the space even more exciting.

Best Movie Snacks

Of course the first snack that comes to mind when you think about movies, is popcorn! Unfortunately, popcorn can become a mess when passed around between the kids, not to mention the germs from multiple hands in the popcorn bowl. I recommend providing Smart Food popcorn snacks so that each child can have their own bag. A cookie tray and gummies will add excitement to the snack table and are also great foods for movie watching. Juice boxes are super convenient for quick disposal and less mess.

Cozy Attire

The parents who RSVP’d all had the same question, what should the kiddos wear? We decided that it would be fun to have the kids super comfy in their pajamas. Some of the children even brought their own pillows or favorite throw blankets.

Make Shift Movie Theatre

I planned our movie night pretty last minute, but if you have enough time to decorate your space, there are tons of great movie themed party decorations available. You can also take it one step further and hand out movie tickets at the door when the kids arrive and then have your child collect the tickets and hand out a party favor bag when their guests enter the movie room.

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