Lip Injection Techniques

I have been open in sharing my journey with lip injections and so many of you have been interested but unsure of the look you are going for? In this post, I will share my review on two lip injection techniques so that you may have a better idea of what you want before heading to your local med spa.

First, let me explain the anatomy of the lip. Your lips are made up of three different tissue zones; the white lip, the vermillion border (where you put the lip liner) and the vermillion. The white lip is skin above the lip with sweat glands and hair follicles. The vermillion border is the tissue which acts as a transition zone between the white and red lip. This zone has no sweat glands or hair follicles overlying the subcutaneous tissues. The vermillion, or red lip, is what you would consider your actual lip, or where the lipstick goes. 

There is a significant blood supply to the lip from the facial artery via the upper and lower labial arteries making this area very vascular. Otherwise, more prone to bleeding. Therefore, don’t freak out if you see a significant amount of blood. I have experienced little blood and no bruising and have also had lots of blood and bruising. In my experience, it really depends on if I have had wine the night before. Wine tends to thin the blood and promote more bleeding.

All these tissues zones are different for everyone which stands to reason that they will require different injection methods and may display differently with aging. Therefore, don’t just get injections in the same places that your friends did. Get a consultation before scheduling your appointment. Lips should be treated individually when performing lip rejuvenation treatments. There are two widely used techniques used for lip augmentation, one for definition and the other for volume. I have had the pleasure of trying both and am going to fill you in on my experience.


For definition and shape, one will want to improve the definition or sharpness of the vermillion or border of the lip. Instead of injecting underneath the dermis, the goal is to place the filler within the dermis in straight lines along the lip border. For years I chose the path to definition. I loved the new found shape of my lips, however the border of my lips always seemed a little hardened. I could take my fingers and actually feel the filler around the border of my lip. There is nothing wrong with this choice for treatment, however I wanted a more fluffy pout. That’s when I decided to switch to the volume method.

IMAGE: Virginia Beach Plastic Surgery


The goal in volumizing is to introduce a dermal filler into the red lip (where you put the lipstick,) in the submucosal fat plane. Injecting into the red lip helps to plump the pout to increase volume. This is the method I have been using.


I have attached my personal experience video with A Beautiful You Medical Spa with getting a Juvederm volumizing lip injection.

It is important to understand how you would like to enhance your lips, that is why I recommend getting a consultation with your local med spa so that you feel confident during your treatment appointment.

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