Molly Bracken feat. Fashion Artist Stephanie Gentry

I am thrilled to reveal a very unique fashion shoot featuring my favorite French designer, Molly Bracken and very talented Atlanta fashion artist, Stephanie Gentry. In this post, I will showcase my top 4 favorite Molly Bracken seasonal style looks with each look illustrated straight from my photo through the eyes of a professional style illustrator!

The Goth Boss Babe

It’s no secret that I am a lover of 90’s fashion and pop culture, meaning I have a special place for a goth inspired, grunge look. This holiday I have decided to mix the seasons hottest fabric, crushed velvet, with a dominating faux leather, and a feminine lace bodysuit. I used my accessories to add a classic goth vibe to my ultimate take on this 90’s gal look.

Fashion Art By: Stephanie Gentry


The Linear Lady

This entire look was created using fashion items with unique linear qualities. From the neckline on the camisole paired with the structured intertwining lines on the choker, to the pintucked velvet pants and strappy black stilettos, this look draws the line when it comes to impeccable fall fashion!

Fashion Art By: Stephanie Gentry


Stephanie is an Atlanta based artist, showing the world what love looks like by capturing it in visual imagery. Her mission is to encourage lasting love and bring people together to inspire and empower. She does this through custom bridal illustrations, live event fashion sketching, portrait art, fashion design, freelance design, and handmade goods such as painted scarfs, jars and other services/products.

Stephanie’s interpretation of the world is most clearly expressed through visual media. She is inspired by history, the world, and culture as she looks towards these things for inspiration in fashion and creativity across all of her projects. She is an artist, designer, and Illustrator interested in creating unusually beautiful things in unexpected ways.

instagram : StephanieGentryDesigns
website : Stephanie Gentry Art

The Night Sky Nina

I love this sweater for what it reminds me of and its spectacular cut! First the cut, this cashmere sweater is slightly fitted through the bust and more relaxed, lightly fitted through the waist. This cut is so slimming and the turtleneck screams 1950’s Jackie O’. Second, it reminds me of the stars in the night’s sky which in return reminds me of a tattoo on my back that reads, “Stars can’t shine without darkness.” I always feel so classy and sentimental.

CityChicLiving3Fashion Art By: Stephanie Gentry

The Peacock Princess

I have a special place in my heart for peacock prints or anything that resembles peacock like feathers, as my late grandmother would visit with her neighbor’s peacock every morning, collect the feathers that fell in her yard, and rave over stories she had developed during her morning visits with the bird. I have inherited her small collection of peacock memorabilia and created a room dedicated to her.  This jacket reminds me of a fall proper peacock with the faux fur jacket embellished with feathers and the black tie pants accented with satin details along the ankle slit and the pockets.

CityChicLiving1Fashion Art By: Stephanie Gentry

Want to add some of these seasonal Molly Bracken fashion pieces to your wardrobe? Check out my shop, The Ivory Closet.  Love the fashion art and want to give a personalized illustration to a friend or family member? You will not want to miss out on Stephanie’s Cyber Monday Sale where she will be offering 20% off her entire site!

What is your favorite fall fashion style? Leave them in the comments below!

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