My Beauty Routine – At Home & Outsourced

Several of you have been asking what my in house and outsourced beauty routine consists of! For clarification, by “in-house” I am talking about my daily home routine, and by “outsourced” I am referring to the businesses that I receive monthly services from! In this post, I will bare it all when it comes to the “work” I have had done.


Things I have had “done”


Lash extensions have minimized my face’s makeup intake, aka no mascara! Who loves cleaning mascara off their face before bed? That’s what I thought, NO ONE! Lash extentions give you the look of mascara without the clump and mess. They are totally safe and do not make your natural lashes fall out. Just think of them as an enhancement to your current assets. I go see Amy at Taylorwood Salon once every 2-3 weeks for a fill and I have to admit, it’s almost as relaxing as a facial. I am pretty sure I have let out a deep snor while dozing on the table. More on my experience with Taylorwood here.

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Microblading is when you get your brows darkened and shaped via a razor blade and ink. It is essentially a tattoo but the technique is totally different! April with ARD Studio uses a blade to create tiny little hair strokes in the brow and then fills the tiny strokes with an ink that matches your natural hair color. This is procedure #2 that I had done to eliminate another product from my morning makeup routine. As I have gotten a little older my brows have quickly vanished. I began to lose my face frame and look very washed out. ARD Studios really saved the day with their microblading services. By the way, this is a procedure that you really need to research. Ensure that the person doing your brows are certified, skilled in shaping, and have an eye for choosing ink color. This is an art and microblading gives long-term results. You do not want to let just anyone with a blade and ink try to give your brows a boost. More on my experience with April and ARD Studios here.

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If you are a hairy mama like me, you are going to be AMAZED at this one. I have recently signed up with A Beautiful You Med Spa for Laser Hair Removal and WHOA! You are supposed to get 6-7 treatments to complete the entire package. I am only on my second treatment and have noticed an 80% decrease in bodily hair! Now, all results vary depending on your body’s reaction to the laser but coming from someone who has attempted this service years prior with another med spa, A Beautiful You knows how to do it right! I am a big baby when it comes to pain but this laser gives off minimal discomfort in comparison to the laser treatment I had attempted in the past. (I say attempted because I only got through the second treatment due to the pain and I saw only about 10% decrease in hair loss.) I am currently getting my legs, bikini area, underarms, lip, and a few chin sprigs zapped. Once again, I am totally eliminating one whole weekly beauty routine. No more shaving! See my experience with laser hair removal here. 

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Talk about total relaxation, extreme deep pore cleansing, and a proper exfoliation to reveal your natural glow. Derma Blade Hydra facials will check off all of the above. The Hydra Facial machine will work to suction and clean out pores, exfoliate, and also includes light therapy to remove redness or kill pimple causing bacteria. Sounds intense and yes it is, yet gentle enough to catch a nap while receiving the treatment. The dermablade portion is a add on in which the esthetisian will use a blade to remove any peach fuzz that can’t be captured by a laser, as well as the top layer of skin, allowing serum and moisturizer to yield better results when soaking in and revealing your natural glow. You can even take a look at the water used once processed through your skin via the machine. It is quite gross to see what is left in your skin even if you clean every morning and night. I get this treatment done once a month at A Beautiful You Med Spa. Check out my experience and see behind the scenes photos here.

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I know I am a fashion and beauty blogger but when it comes to hair color, cuts, and trends, I am pretty clueless. Luckily, my best gal pal is one of the most experienced and sought out hair stylists in the city. I literally plop down in her chair with out one utter of an explanation on what type of look I am going for and when she is finished, I am a new woman looking livelier than when I entered the door. April is the owner of Eva Salon and her work, hands down, CAN NOT BE TOUCHED. She is amazing at her painters ombres, baliyages, and anything color in general! To get a look from the most experienced master stylist and color specialist I have ever worked with, visit Eva Salon! Read about my experience with Eva Salon and take a peek at my amazing bestie!

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I have been getting Botox about twice a year since I turned 30. I wouldn’t say I am addicted as I do not get it everywhere or often but I do lightly target in between my brows and my forehead area. I have gone to three different places for my injections and all have done a great job. Currently I am getting touch ups with my favorite, A Beautiful You Med Spa. I am in love with their staff, quality of work, and service!



This is a procedure that I have discontinued but only because the results seem to have become semi-permanent for the time being. I am all about being transparent and since we are discussing “things I have done,” it is only right that I mention my lip injections. Prior to Juvederm injections I was teased for my “perma-smile” (a nickname given to me by a high school boyfriend). It didn’t hurt my feelings per-se as I knew my thin lips to be a fact. As I got older, I decided to try a little juice in the pout. All in all, I have purchased two syringes of Juvederm over the past 3 years and after about 5 treatments It seems that the shape and fluffiness of my lips are officially to my liking. No more perma-smile!



I have used many whitening products but my favorite has been the Opalescence 35% teeth whitening kit. The results are almost immediate. I hate when I catch coffee stains on the back of my teeth when laughing really hard in a picture. The trays used with this product not only whiten the front area, like a strip does, but it allows the product to stay secure while whitening the side back and bottom back teeth as well!

Purchase Opalescence 35% here.



There are several items that I have love when it comes to skin care. Here is my AM and PM regimen. You can click each item to learn more about the product. Note, I use drug store and branded skincare lines together. I am always trying new things which means I may change-up my routine if I review something amazing that replaces my love for one of the products below. However, at the moment, these are the products I am using daily.
I use a facial wipe, witchazel toner, Garnier Roller Eye Gel, Skin Regimen Algae Serum and Moisturizer.

AM Skincare Regimen


SPECIAL YOUTH POTION: I use a Davines Algae serum and a little Youth Potion that I have created in my kitchen in which I inter change every few days.  My little in-house Youth Potion is being branded as we speak so I do not have an image of it! Stay tuned for an upcoming post!

PM Skincare Regimen



While I know nothing about the popular styles and hair color, I am an avid product user when it comes to volume and strength for my strands. Here are a few of my daily products and a protein oil treatment that I use weekly. Click each image to learn more about the product.

kerotin vitamins.jpg


I use two brands of shampoo and conditioner that I rotate every time I run out. I love the Kerotin protein infused brand and the Pureology  strength  line. I have a lot of hair, but my strands are thin and therefore I am always needing a little umph in my roots. I love Davines’ root spray and volume mousse. Before leaving the house, I pop a few Kerotin hair and nail vitamins and I am styled for the day! Here is a tutorial of how I style my hair with Davines Style Products.




If you have hair that easily breaks like mine, it is super important to infuse your strands with protein to promote strength! I love pampering my locks with the Kerotin Hot Oil Treatment once a week! Click the image below to get the product details.


Well of course this is a no brainer, I use my own brand of cosmetics, Adel Amor Cosmetics. I developed my line on the premise that it treats and/or benefits your skin while you wear it! Each product either has treatment to fight aging, sun spots, oxidation, etc. and the products that do not have a targeted treatment are infused with vitamins and antioxidants. Check out my full line over on my Adel Amor Cosmetics website.


Have some skin care recommendations?
I would love to know what you use!!! Leave your favorite products in the comments below.

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