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Who do I think I am? Oprah? I wish, but a gal can dream right? One step in the right direction is to share my Alexandra’s Favorite Things List. Slightly less popular but just as many great products as Oprah’s annual famous list! So let’s dive in! Oh, and let me go ahead and start by saying, none of these items are sponsored to be in this post. As an influencer, I get the honor of trying 1000’s of products each year and these products, by far, have made such a difference in my life.



I have posted about this one several times because it truly was a game changer! The Chilisleeper Mattress pad is incredible! If you toss and turn, pull one leg in and one leg out, or flip your pillow through the night because you are always so cold, you have to get the Chilisleeper. This innovative mattress pad will cool your body temp down as you sleep so that you can go into a deep sleep hibernation mode. When it is time to wake, your Chilisleeper can be set to gently warm your body out of a deep sleep!

Ounce of Hope

I had tried several CBD products when they first hit the market and while I did notice some sort of calming, it wasn’t enough to make a huge impact right off the bat. As I have grown older, I have noticed increased anxiety and stress. It seems like I can never fully unwind and let go of the work day in the evenings, that is, until I discovered Ounce of Hope products, especially their Delta-8 CBD line. Within 30 minutes of taking half of their Delta-8 caramel bites, I was so totally relaxed and anxiety free. I snuggled up with a cup of hot tea and watch Christmas movies until I blissfully fell asleep.

Medi Tresse

I have struggled with thin hair ever since having my second child. I have always had thin hair, but growing up, I had so much of it. For years I have tried so many products but never noticed a difference. This year I discovered Medi Tresse products and I love their hair growth system. There are three things that I have been using that work together for maximum results. First, I use the Medi Tresse Revitalizer and Fortifier Supplements which work from within to improve my hair situation over the log run. After taking my supplements in the AM, I enjoy the Medi Tresse prebiotic which supports gut health and allows my vitamins to fully penetrate for maximum results. Of course, the supplements take a little time to get circulated, so in the meantime I use Medi Tresse Volumizing shampoo and conditioner to instantly plump my locks. Want to try Medi Tresse? Here is a 10% off Promo Code: ALEXANDRA

Silver Fern

Ready for a lot of information you probably don’t want to hear? You know I am super transparent. I have never really been a one a day pooper. It was never really a problem until I hit my 30’s and began bloating big time. Bloating is NOT SEXY and extremely uncomfortable. I knew probiotics were the way to go but didn’t have tons of luck with the products I had tried. I met Tiffany with Silver Fern who, after a few questions, helped to personalize my Silver Fern supplements to meet my gut and anti-bloating needs. I take the Silver Fern GI Relief and Ultimate Probiotic daily. After about 2 weeks of taking my Silver Fern, I noticed a huge difference in my gut and my confidence.


Want that Jennifer Lopez energy, or JEN-ERGY? After seeing Jen looking hot in her 50’s and sporting her Goli Gummies, I had to try. These gummies are such a treat in the AM and PM. Think, adult candy. Yes, I do take my Goli Apple Cider Vinegar, Superfruit, and Supergreens along with my Silver Fern and Medi Tresse for a well rounded dose of daily supplements.



If you have hair that tangles like I do, the WetBrush is a game changer! If I use a regular brush, my hair comes out in knots, but when using my WetBrush, the tangles and knots come out so easily without hurting my scalp! This will be the best $9 you have ever spent on your hair!

Marianella Pumpkin Seed Mask

I am a huge fan of pumpkin masks for exfoliation but they seem to be scarce on the market. There was a Bath and Body Works pumpkin mask that I used for years but they quit making it. I have tried a few since then and nothing came close the the level of exfoliation until I found Marianella Pumpkin Seed Mask. I can feel this mask at work the minute I put it on my skin and the results are visible after just one use. This mask is perfect for an at home facial!

HydraFacial and DermaBlade

In between my weekly at home facials, I always do a monthly HydraFacial. The suction mixed with hydration and treatment serums sucks out blackheads and debris while deeply infusing my skin with anti-aging ingredients. I also get a dermablade treatment added to my HydraFacial to remove peach fuzz and stubborn head skin. If you want to try out a hydrafacial and dermablade treatment, check out A Beautiful You Medical Spa.


Buxom is on point when it comes to lip trends. Their color palettes are beautiful and all of their products PLUMP! I have been using their Powerline plumping liner in Smooth Spice with the Dolly Fever lip balm and Dolly gloss. Of course they have other amazing color combinations that are great for all skin tones.

Evyana Toner

I have tried so many skincare products through the years and have struggled to find a toner that I really like. The Evyana Refreshing Mist Toner is an alcohol free, pH balancing treatment toner that smells amazing and instantly invigorates my skin. I spray it both on a cotton pad and on my face for a double serving of satisfaction.

Mederma Patch

Ugh, cold sores. They are painful and embarressing. I usually get them twice a year, at the turn of Fall and at the turn of Winter. This year, Mederma came out with their Discreet Healing Patches and they are INCREDIBLE! Not only do they work quickly, but they are virtually invisible. For real, I was amazed at how hard I had to look in order to see it on my face!


Day Designer

I have been using Day Designer for 3 years now and am always excited when their limited edition planners come out in December! These planners allow you to plan your day by the hour, help with prioritization, financial goals, and so much more!


I am a wine lover but got tired of the same old brands that are always featured at my local grocery store. That is when I signed up for WineTexts free daily wine recommendation text service. Not only do I get exposed to new and exciting wine labels and vineyards, but I get these specialty wines at a huge discount. What a great way to try new vino!


I was amazed when trying this product. The E-Cloth allows you to get sparkling windows and countertops with no chemicals needed. With just water and your E-Cloth, you will have squeeky clean kitchens, bathrooms, windows, and more!


Got It In The Bag

When it comes to designer bags, Got It In The Bag are the experts! The owner, Amanda Bass, is an expert personal shopper of designer bags and is very knowledgeable about the brands, designs, limited editions, and quality. I only trust Amanda when it comes to my high end handbags and accessories.


LilySilk pajamas and blazers blew me away with their quality, fit and comfort. It is hard to find silk fashion that is smooth on the skin and flows seamlessly with the body’s movements. I love a great blazer that can be worn with business attire or casual wear and LilySilk blazers fit the bill! Other really great fitting blazers can be found at Shopbop!

Ivory Closet

Of course, The Ivory Closet will always make the list as it was once my shop and business baby. Of course, that isn’t the only reason I am still obsessed. Jenn, the new owner and dear friend, has an eye for eclectic and super classy fashion. I always end up leaving with several pieces when I leave The Ivory Closet.

JetJoy Workout Sets

I purchased one of these sets and immediately went back to get more in my favorite colors. These JetJoy workout sets are ultra-slimming, super comfy, and look incredible on any body type! Oh, did I mention that they are only $28? Some of my other favorite athleisure wear can be found at shopbop!

Want to check out some of my year round favorites? Shopbop Shoes!

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