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You all know how much I love my wine! There is nothing better than getting my momming on, taking on the day, and then finishing it up with a nice glass of wine and a show. In this post, I am sharing my go to wine list and why these are my favorites,

FITVINE Chenin Blanc

This Chenin Blanc has refreshing aromas of honeydew melon, citrus lemon notes, and orange blossom. On the palate, this wine has a light-bodied fresh and vibrant taste with a rich and lively mouthfeel. I love the subtle creaminess on the end. This is a wonderful pre-dinner wine to enjoy with a fruit and cheese charcuterie board.

Zardetto Prosecco Brut

This is my go to beverage when I hope in a hot bubbly bath. What’s wrong with a little bubbly with a bubble bath, right? This prosecco is lemon-yellow in color with an elegant finish. The refined bubbles that form a hearty white froth give off an aroma of white flowers, apricot and herbs. The palate is comprised of orange blossoms and stone fruits with fresh citrus and floral notes lingering on the finish.

FITVine Cabernet Sauvingnon

The Fitvine story doesn’t include fancy chateaus or barrels hewed from the limbs of majestic oaks. They have simply made their wine to be great tasting wine with no GMOs or flavor additives, fewer sulfites, and less sugar.

I am not really a red wine gal but the Fitvine classic cabernet it a dry red with currant, lavender, black licorice and a hint of new oak in the body. Rich purpose tannins wrap around flavors of cedar, boysenberry, coffee, and chocolate with a small hint of leather.

Cote des Roses

This one has quickly become my absolute favorite. I used to be opposed to Rose because the ones I had had in the past were too sweet or watery, however the Cote des Roses is so refreshing with just the perfect mixture of dry and sweet. The apple, floral, grapefruit, nectarine, peach, rose petal, and stone fruit notes make this wine light, bright, and perfectly crisp.

This rose celebrates the Mediterranean lifestyle with it’s vineyards stretching along the Mediterranean coast from the Spanish border as far as the city of Nîmes, along the foothills of the Montagne Noire and the Cévennes. The soil here is highly varied, mainly with hard limestone and schist, but also gravel transported by the rivers of the region. The warm, windy climate in conjunction with the altitude and the sea, helps the grapes to ripen in a healthy condition, while retaining all the fresher qualities of the fruit. I just love how the bottle’s base is in the shape of a rose. I like to keep my bottles and use them as vases or fancy water pitchers for my dinner parties.

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