Our Story and the Jeweler Who Made It Extra Special

For many, 2020 has been a nightmare of a year but my year got a whole lot better when Greg asked me to marry him, making 2020 a year to remember for more positive reasons. In this post, I am sharing our story and also, our experience with Lauray’s Diamond Center.

Most of you know that Greg and I met in August 2019 and immediately started dating, but our story really is very unique and widely untold.

Our Story

One day, a friend of mine texted me and asked how I knew Greg, as I was following him on Instagram. Honestly, I had no clue who he was but when I looked up his Instagram I remembered that he followed me a few months prior so I followed him back but never said anything to him. I really didn’t think much of it at the time and later forgot that it ever happened. My dear friend, who had just rekindled a relationship with who is now her husband, proceeded to tell me that she went on a few dates with Greg and that he is a wonderful man. Of course, my first thought was, “Well if he is so wonderful, why aren’t you dating him?” She quickly explained that she had rekindled a relationship, therefore she told Greg that she wanted to pursue another. She then asked if I thought Greg was cute, of which I replied “Absolutely.” Then she asked if I wanted her to put a little bug in his ear, of which I obviously replied “YES!”

Greg reached out to me and we talked for a few days on Instagram before he asked for my number. We then talked a few weeks via text to really get to know each other before I accepted a date! Our first date was over raw oysters at The Half Shell and we immediately hit it off! From then on, we began to build a beautiful relationship. Of course, most of you know that we took a little break last summer but that was very short lived.

When we got back together, we both knew that this was it. We were committing forever. Before Greg or I told anyone that we had reunited, Greg whisked me away to Hot Springs for a few nights together, to talk things out, relax, and to plan next steps.

On day two in Hot Springs, we were walking down the street looking for a lunch spot when we passed by Lauray’s Diamond Center. Greg grabbed my hand and pulled me into the shop. I was very surprised and secretly super excited. I thought to myself, “Are we here to look at a sweet little happy or are we looking at the real deal?” Greg pointed to the engagement rings and asked which ones I liked. He said that he just wanted some ideas on the style.

Lauray’s set their designs, master cleans, and plates the jewelry in house.

Little did I know, he had purchased the ring by phone that evening and was having it shipped to his home. The rest, as they say, is history! Birdie and Beau forever. (Those are our nicknames for each other in case you were wondering.) He’s so romantic!

Since then, we have been back to Hot Springs and everytime we visit our friends at Lauray’s Diamond Center. Toddy and his team made sure that our time in Hot Springs and our engagement was super special. The day that Greg ordered/purchased the ring, he told Lauray’s that we had reservations at The Vault. That evening at dinner, Lauray’s had a lovely bottle of Champagne delivered to our table. It truly was a magical experience.

Us posing with one of the owners, Toddy.

Lauray’s Diamond Center has been satisfying the jewelry needs of men and women all over the nation since 1924! At Lauray’s you can choose from their wide and unique array of jewelry settings, design your own piece, or repair a treasured item. Lauray’s does it all. Not only do they have exquisite, unique pieces, their offering is affordable and their team is unbeatable!

You don’t have to live in Hot Springs to be a part of the Lauray’s family. Experience Lauray’s through their online store and have your dream piece sent straight to your home! Be sure to tell Toddy and the team we said hello.

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