• Mommy and Me

    Best Diaper Bag for Moms

    Pantheon sent me one of their diaper bags to review and asked if would just leave an Amazon review but I loved the product so much, I just had to share…

  • Beauty Hack

    Fun Hair Transformations

    Earlier this month I had fun with a little instant transformation! Insert Name Here sent me a few wigs to try out. I posted the options I had to choose from…

  • Fashion

    A|N Signature Spring Fashion Collection

    I am super excited about launching a flirty fashion collection geared towards women over 30! This spring I wanted to keep my traditional classic style but I decided to give it…

  • Health

    Veestro Meals

    As a single mom of two my evenings can get pretty hectic and overwhelming. Once I pick the kiddos up from daycare, it’s playtime, dinner, bathtime, and the occasional struggle to…

  • Business Lifestyle

    How to Reinvent Yourself

    For those of you who don’t know 2014-2018 was a season of major changes for me. I had my first child, my little brother passed away in a car accident, I…

  • Business Lifestyle

    How to Throw a Vision Board Party

    This year I had the pleasure of throwing a Galentine’s Vision Board party at Everbloom Design Studio with the most scrumptious calming beverage, Natural Vitality.  Want to throw your own vision…