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The Unconventional Entrepreneur


This break through publication briefly documents Alexandra’s accounts selling fragrances in a department store to climbing the corporate ladder, and dropping it all to monetize her passion, before laying out a detailed strategy on how you can do the same.

With Topics Such As:

This is not just a book, this is a guide where you will learn all about how to become a successful, Unconventional Entrepreneur. With worksheets, brainstorming activities, unconventional inspirations, and more, this is the book for launching a business you are passionate about.




Mentioned in Forbes and featured on Yahoo News, Influencive, Hollywood Digest and New York Weekly Times for her unconventional take on business development and strategy, self-made digital entrepreneur and mom to 3 young boys, Alexandra Nicole Nolan, is not your traditional business woman.

After many Google searches, brainstorming sessions, brand mood boards, and good old fashioned prayer, Alexandra took the plunge, quit her corporate job and set out to become her own boss, developing, owning, and/or selling over 4 successful businesses before the age of 32.

“I love the intricacies of the creation process and the excitement of launching a brand. Once I have something up and going, I like to get rolling on another project. When I learned this about myself, I decided that I wanted to dedicate my future to teaching other women how to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams and to contribute to research in marketing and small business strategy by pursuing a business PhD.” says Alexandra (Hollywood Digest)

“The traditional ways of doing business are becoming extinct and more men and women are experiencing wild success through unconventional business strategies, thriving on passion, authentic relationships, and transparent practices. This idea of unconventional entrepreneurism is building back enjoyment in the word WORK, delivering freedom and flexibility in worklife balance, and allowing small business to not only compete with larger companies, but to thrive in the market.” Alexandra

The natural next step in helping aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve their best worklife is through her new book, The Unconventional Entrepreneur.


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