Promote Sitting Up and Familiarity of the Crib with your Infant

Moms, if you have had one child then you know that there are many milestones in your baby’s first year, one very large one being, SITTING UP! I always worried that my boys laid down too much. Being told stories of a “flat head” had me paranoid that if my babies laid down for any amount of time, their head would begin to mold into a pancake back. I am not sure how true this is but one thing I do know is that as soon as my boys began trying to sit up, I went straight to the Bumbo! Check out my tips on familiarizing your child with their crib and surroundings, as well as promoting sitting up.

 While Bumbo has sponsored this post, all reviews and writings are my own and 100% honest opinions.


With babies, it is all about their comfort areas. Infants tend to play and show independence in environments where they feel comfortable. One area that every mother needs their baby to feel comfortable in is the crib! The sooner they love their crib, the quicker you and the hubby get your sleeping space back, which is VERY important to the marital relationship if you know what I mean!


Now I must make it clear. Bumbo does not promote putting your Bumbo seat in the crib but I feel that if you do not leave the room and you monitor your child’s interactions, this is a very positive developmental activity. I strap my 4 month old, James, into his Bumbo and set it up in his crib so that he can sit up and absorb the environment. He plays with his mobile, looks at his stuffed animals, watches his TV, and plays with his toys. He has really gotten familiar with his room and crib and has even spent a few nights, with close monitor supervision, in his room.

The Bumbo also helps sibling bonding and interaction. My older son is 3 years old. He doesn’t mind playing with his little brother and when he gets tired of entertaining him, he will allow James to sit in the room with him while he plays. James seems to be content watching his hero/ older brother, play independently. Every night while I make dinner, I put James in his Bumbo on the floor, with nothing around for him to lean back and hit his head on, and I let him and Jack play and interact together while running back and forth to keep an eye out. I have gotten so many great candid shots of their first interactions playing together as brothers. Priceless moments. The bonding that is strengthened in this time is so important for siblings and I have Bumbo to thank because if James was just lying on the floor, the interaction would be nil.


The Bumbo really promotes independence in infants and allows them to interact with their surroundings more freely. I believe that the Bumbo Floor Seat is essential for any parent of an infant to help with sitting up, independence, familiarity of their surroundings, and in my case, crib comfort!
One mom tip, if you have a baby that spits up a lot, put a bib on him or her before letting them play in their Bumbo. James gets excited and starts kicking around and leaning every which way which causes him to spit up all over his clothes! Bibs are a must!



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