Renaissance Collage | Vintage Picture Frames

Modern wall collages are all the rage for decorating large wall spaces or even little awkward nooks in your home. But what if your home has more of an antique feel? In this post, I am sharing a mini collage wall that I created in my bedroom to take up a little awkward space above my light switch.

Choose a Mixture of Different Picture Frame Styles

Of course all of the frames I chose look as thought they have come from the same design era, they are each different in their shape and photo requirement. As you can see, one requires a traditional photo shape while the others require an oval and arched photo.

Choose Different, Yet Complimentary Colors

For my collage frame colors, I chose a variety of shades in the metallic family. One frame is more on the silver side with a patina overlay to age the frame a bit. While the other two are bronze and a brighter gold. For variety, I love SIKOO frames on Amazon.

Click the images below to get more info on each frame.

Stagger Your Collage

Lastly, because you are using different frame designs, you will want to stagger your frames on the wall. I went with only 3 frames since my space is super small, but I have seen a beautiful antique picture frame collage on a wall opposite a staircase and it was majestic! All of the frames unique, yet equally beautiful!

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