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Solution for Thin Oily Hair

If you are like me, you suffer from thin, and possibly oily, hair. When I was a girl, I had tons of thin hair which meant that my hair strands were tin but my hair overall looked full. As I have aged I have lost the fullness of my hair which makes my styles look thinner and thinner by the year. In this post, I am sharing a hair style that not only beats the oil and give voluminous hair, but keeps your style fresh for days so that you do not have to wash your hair.

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I love this style, my hair stays full and bouncy for days while the products help to banish oily roots. I have noticed that when I work out, the combination of products emit a fresh, noticeable scent to mask sweat. This is definitely a go to for sexy locks that last for days! To add a little more statement to your do, include hair clips and barrettes, hair ties and scrunches, or headbands.

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