Style Tips for Your Oversized Flannel Shirts

I am so glad that the 90’s style is back again this fall because that means we get to rock the flannel button ups! No matter the season, an oversized flannel shirt is the comfiest item to have, borrow (or steal) from your significant other’s closet. From the iconic plaid to floral prints and simpler varieties, you’re sure to find the perfect flannel shirt to complement your style. For some style inspiration, check out my tips in this post on how to wear this classic piece.

Before diving into tips, let me share some of my favorite flannel color combos for you to play around with.


Tip 1: Flannel Shirt with Leggings

Dressing up is all about balance. A loose shirt can flatter your figure on top, as long as you pair it with something tighter on the bottom. For a woman who’s constantly on the move, leggings are probably your best bet. I previously covered the ‘Best Leggings with Pockets’ by Fabeltics that double up as ultra-comfortable daywear and workout gear, all while complementing your gorgeous curves.


Tip 2: Flannel Shirt with Denim

If you’re going for a fresh yet timeless look, denim is for you. Woman Within’s soft cotton flannel shirt highlights timeless patterns and features such as button cuffs and a spread collar, which can be complemented by a chic light-wash denim skirt, some trendy mom jeans, or a sleek pair of dark wash jeans depending on your style. I will even choose a button up shirt that is larger than the one I am wearing above for a super comfy and trendy look. Here are some other great flannel choices for achieving this look. A boyfriend watch even makes a statement with flannels and jeans. It’s definitely a more casual look that you can wear to brunch with friends or a day of shopping until you drop.

Tip 3: Play with layers on layers

When it’s winter and fall, that’s when wearing flannel really shines. Try wearing a Blanc Noir leather jacket for that edgy off-duty model look. The trick to avoiding resembling a snowman here is to find layers that aren’t too bulky and have different lengths. Cropped pants with some standout vintage boots add the finishing touches to this polished looks. Retro fashion has made a comeback in recent years. Pair your flannel oversized flannel with a comfy vintage shirt, some wide-leg pants, and a pair of classic Chucks to complete that retro-modern look.


Tip 4: Wrap it Around Your Waist

For the days where it’s not cold enough to layer up but chilly enough to be uncomfortable with just a t-shirt on, what about wrapping a flannel shirt around your waist? It accentuates your hourglass figure and gives you something to throw on when it’s getting breezy. Add a classic pair of hi-top Converse that you can pair with a flannel-cinched midi dress for that rebellious street-style vibe.

Tip 5: Try some Classic Color-Coordination

If you’re too lazy to come up with yet another outfit, just pick the first flannel shirt out of your closet and find a bottom that’s similar in color to pair with it. Glamour cites Kendall Jenner’s monochromatic look, where she matches the blue stripes in her flannel shirt with the shade of her denim. There’s an endless variety of possibilities out there, and for more petite women, this look has an added bonus of elongating your figure.

No matter what look you decide to go for, wearing your flannel look with confidence is the way to go. Being comfortable in your own skin is the most attractive look anyone can wear, so it’s all up to how you carry yourself.

Upcoming Fall Trend Update

This fall we are seeing a lot of flannel shackets making an appearance in the fashion magazines. IIn case you were wondering what a Shacket is, a shacket is a jacket that looks like a button up shirt.  Snag a flannel shacket and pair it with a simple white tee, jeans, and some fun biker boots!

I also love fun printed button up shirts paired with dress pants for an office look. I am sharing some of my favorites below


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