Teaching Toddlers Values for the Future Generation

As we watched the fireworks under the stars and listened to the melodies that represent the good ole’ U.S.of A in preparation of Independence Day, I was overwhelmed with patriotism. We started off the afternoon with America’s favorite pastime, a NY Boulder’s baseball game, an ended the evening with the warm and fuzzies that you get when you hear the national anthem played by a symphony under the light of a fireworks show.


 I had one of those mommy epiphanies when you start to analyze the moment, what it means for you and your little one, and become overwhelmed with inspiration on how you can influence and teach your child to be all that he can be.


I am no expert, however, this moment has inspired me to compile a list for fellow mommies to help encourage and teach our children values so that we can do our mommy and patriotic duty to raise strong productive American citizens.




So before I share my tips, disclaimer…I am no expert. I am only a mommy of 2 1/2 years and this is just me sharing my thoughts on studies that I have read and just ideas in general. So please….no mommy shaming. I welcome any idea sharing or thoughts in my comments below! I love mommy discussions.


Tips for Teaching Toddlers Values

Value #1 – Honesty
Children lie, especially when they are afraid of getting in to trouble. I have never knowingly taught Jack deception but it never fails, every time I ask him if he has pee pee’d in his diaper it is a “No.” or if he has picked up his room, it is always a “Yes.” He is old enough to know that he is not being truthful but why does he lie?
What I have learned is to not freak out when he doesn’t tell the truth. Also, do not freak out when his room is a mess or he did not tell me he needed to use the bathroom. Most toddlers want do not want to disappoint their mommy’s and daddy’s and may be deceptive out of fear of disappointment. I have started to stop Jack from whatever he is doing and ask him to look me in the eye. Then I tell him, “Son, I am not going to be upset with you if you tell me the truth, but I will be mad if you lie. Now tell me, did you potty in your pull up?” This seems to work and he feels more comfortable about being truthful to me.


Value #2 – Sharing (which hopefully leads to giving)
I do not know a toddler that doesn’t do it… a kid picks up one of Jack’s toys that he isn’t playing with and as soon as Jack catches a glimpse, he reaches out and points…”that’s mine.” I then calmly say to Jack, “Yes, that is yours but you have to share with others.” In the beginning Jack would cry and pitch a fit but I would pay it no attention and direct him to a spot where there are more toys to play with or encourage him to choose another complimentary toy to join in on the fun with his friend, playing together. Usually he would continue to cry and I would explain calmly again that this is sharing, not taking and sharing makes others happy. He has gotten the gist and MOST of the time, not always, will agree to share.

Value #3  – The “I CAN” Attitude
There is nothing more discouraging than someone that barely tries and then utters the 2 words that make me cringe, “I can’t”  I always remind Jack that he can do ANYTHING with a little bit of determination and creativity. When he was a little younger, trying to complete his Mickey puzzle he would always get frustrated, look at me holding out a puzzle piece, and say…”Mommy, I can’t. I’m too little.” My response is not to take the piece and complete the task for him, but to instead reply with “Let’s look at this together because I know you CAN.” We would then analyze the piece, talk through it, and he would then try different spots or angles to fit the piece. Sometimes he would remain frustrated but I would always calmly respond to his frustrations with an encouraging tone telling him to take his time because he is smart and mommy knows he can figure it out.

Do you have any great mommy value teachings to share? I would LOVE to hear about them!
Please leave them in the comments.



Thank you so much for reading! 

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