Teaching Your Kids How To Give Back at An Early Age feat. CUDDLE + KIND

I have recently found the perfect way to teach my boys compassion and kindness towards the less fortunate through a pretty awesome company, cuddle + kind. This amazing company sent me two knitted stuffed animals and a bit of information for a review. Little did I know that this would evolve into a family lesson on philanthropy and helping others. You have got to check this out and let me know what you think.

Recently, I came across this company called cuddle + kind and really loved their message and products but wanted to find a way to use their mission to teach my littles. After pondering ideas, I came across a fun activity that makes these super cute knitted stuffed animals way more than just a gift.



“We’re a family of five on a mission to help feed children in need.

There’s nothing we love more than being parents. We think nurturing our three children is the most important, rewarding and sometimes challenging job in the world!
With a background in health, we recognize the crucial role nutrition plays in a child’s development. As parents, we believe all children should have enough food to eat and the opportunity to thrive, so when we saw a documentary on the devastating impact of childhood hunger on millions of children around the world, it inspired us to help. On that day, we decided to start a company whose purpose is to help improve the lives of children and to make a difference.
We created cuddle+kind because we wanted to make beautiful hand-knit dolls that help feed children. So for every cuddle+kind doll sold, we give 10 meals to children in need. – cuddle + kind


Our goal is to provide one million meals a year. 

We’re proud that our dolls are made with natural, high-quality cotton because it’s important to us that they’re safe, soft and cuddly.
We’re also super proud that every doll is lovingly handcrafted by incredible women artisans in Peru, providing them with a sustainable, fair trade income.
Our whole family is passionate about what we’re doing and loves every doll we make. We sincerely hope you will too.” – cuddle + kind


I love the story behind this brand and decided to share the lesson with my littles. Their stuffed animal helps them by choosing one food item from our pantry or toy from their room per day and then places it in a bin. At the end of the month, we donate to the food shelter or Goodwill.

At first, this was a task. Jack was happy to choose a food item but did not want to give up a toy. I tell him that it is important to give to the less fortunate as there are starving kids with no toys in the world and since he is blessed, it is his duty to share his blessings as long as he is alive. We try to alternate food and toys daily. This activity really makes me feel like my boys are going to be more compassionate and giving as older children or adults, at least I can hope so!


Each animal is handmade with natural cotton, meets US and Canadian safety standards, has a unique back story, a signature wristband, and a special birthday.

HUDSON the POLAR BEAR – Jack’s New Friend


Birthday: January 12 th

I live with my twin sister where the air is cold, the mountains are magical and the snow makes perfect snowballs! I’d love to stand on top of a mountain one day – won’t you come with me? There’s no telling how high we can climb when we believe in ourselves. Let’s go far together!

Favorite quote: “You can move mountains.”

Goal: To provide 1 million meals a year.

NOAH the DOG – James’ New Friend


Birthday: February 3rd

Hi! Hello! So glad to meet you! I can’t stop my tail from wagging! I’m super interested in everything and want to know all there is to know about the world. There are so many awesome and mind-blowing things to learn about – let’s be best buddies and sniff them out together!

Favorite quote: “Don’t ever lose your sense of wonder.”

Goal: To provide 1 million meals a year.

Get your little a cuddle + kind handmade, knit stuffed animal or perhaps gift one to a friend! Click here to visit their website.



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